OCTOBER 12, 2009
Minis still continue to be hit and miss.
THIS month I got injured. I went to sit in a chair, that wasn't there. It rolled across the floor without telling me it was leaving. ;-) WOW!  did I fall hard on a LAMINATE floor. OW! I injured my tail bone, arm, elbow, and a few body parts I didn't know I had. Then of course the knees and neck acted up from the added stress. Sleep eluded me for days. Reflux acted up going into my lungs causing a respiratory flare.
HEY! On the bright side > I'm in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in. :-)
Since puttering upright was the name of the game for a while, I sorted all my tools. This time I took pictures of them in their proper place, so I'll know where to return them, when they get left, here there and everywhere.
It's nice to finally have all my minis on the main level of the house. I can mini even on days when I can't climb the stairs. BUT! The main level is VERY complicated. It's like a mouse maze, with a step down at 4 different places. My work area and computer room is at the opposite end, and on the other side of the house, from the TV room, where my houses and power tools are. Trying to get organized is a challenge that never ends. I did a lot of organizing when I had my home care agency, but all the rules go out the window when it comes to minis in the maze. ;-)
I finished the end tables for the great room, and installed the door handles. I also finished punching the rug for the kitchen area. I need to back it. I hope to get to that today.
I cut all the woodwork for the master bedroom. Painting is in progress.