FEBRUARY 20, 2010
Even though I haven't posted in a very long time > I HAVE been VERY mini busy.
I avoided the net as much as possible for a while after getting viruses 3 times in a week. Things seem a little calmer now.
I did re-launch the BLOG, but I'll only be using it to post photos, and links to other BLOGS.
"I" will continue to be a dinosaur and keep most of my stuff on this simple web site. ;-)
I have been moving the photos off  Webshots, but the process is going very slowly.

I had another run in with asthma and did a stint on steroids and antibiotics. I developed an allergy to the anti-biotics, so I was also out of commission for a few weeks.
Mini wise, I've been working on on my houses and Church, done a few swaps and gifts, and
OH YEA > Moved the minis AGAIN.
FINALLY after 20 years, and about 60 re-locations, I am EXTREMELY happy with the layout and location of my work room and "House Room."
These are the two smallest rooms in my home. They WERE bedrooms, close to the kitchen and master bath.
It IS true that sometimes less is more.
My four largest mini houses fit nicely in the smallest room in the house. I also have the power tools in the closet, and all of the wood under the Church.
Next to the house room is another small bedroom. That has two worktables and all of my mini supplies.
In the tiny hallway connecting these rooms I have the pegboard with all the hand tools and ala STUFF.
I have died and gone to mini heaven. Everything is close at hand. I don't have to put off doing stuff because I'm too lazy to walk through the maze of the house, or can't make it up the stairs, or out to the little house. 
I  DO still put things off  because I FORGET that everything is right there.

I finished sanding painting and assembling all the windows (27 of them). 
The door kits for this house were TOTAL CRAP, so I ordered two new ones.
I also finished making all the pre-templates for the wallpaper.
I've been staining the spiral staircase and rail. I started scoring the lines on the front and back walls.
That's not an easy job, since the walls are slanted on both sides. I can't use my straight edge clamp.
I've completed three one on one swaps since November.
Laundry Day 
YES! I DID try to make my own clothes pins. It took me
a week to make one, so I purchased some.
Valentine's Day
These are carnations that I was trying to write a TUTE for.
The commercial punches I used are no longer available,
so I tossed the TUTE.
I made this in a wonderful workshop put on by Jan
After this swap I retired my swap group. It was a great group.
But all good things must come to an end, while there is still good left.
Jewelry Box
I made this for a swap, but never got to use it.The jewery box was from a kit.
The chain is from one I had in real life. I love it and will be happy to keep it. ;-)

The roofs and the garage door have been installed. I asked DH to help me.
He did it all himself.
I LOVE the working garage door.
I've been working on the inside walls of the firebox.  
This is cement patch. I like to use the real thing whenever possible. The added bonus
is that I can use it in my real home.
The roses were from a Bloomin Easy kit. This is a very large piece.
It will make a nice focal point in the Thornhill living room
I made this from a kit. 
I added stools, books, knick knacks, accessories, and finished the kitchen area rug.
I made the end tables and repainted the playpen. 
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