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When you search your site or the web, use these tools (copy and paste them into the above Google search box and press the back key to try more): - this shows who is linking to your site. - shows what pages from your site have been indexed. - gives interesting information about what is saved for your site and related links. - shows sites similar to your homepage. This gives you a good idea what the search engine understands about your page. You can also quicky ask these related sites for links to you. - gives you the cached (saved) version of your site. Handy if your site is not at the moment accessible. Also gives the date your page was last crawled.


You can check keywords using:

allintitle:my sites keywords - returns a list of the keywords found only in the title of web pages or documents.

intitle:my keywords - similar to the above but returns keywords found in any document title and text.

allinurl:my keywords - returns a list of the keywords found only in the url name.

inurl: my keywords - returns a list of the keywords found in any document title and text.


Also helpful:

define:myword - returns a definition of your word or phrase (results come from many sources).

~keyword - returns the synonym (different words with similar or identical meanings) for the word you are searching (that funny squiggle is the ~tilda).

keyword OR keyword - (add an uppercase OR between the terms) returns pages that include either of two search terms.

keyword +common word - (add the plus sign) forces results of commonly ignored words such as how and where. Example, to force results on "How to get page rank", type in, "page rank +how".


A helpful web-site which puts all these tools together is  / (beta). Whonu brings the resources of many different search engines together using tools like the ones above but also places them in an easy-to-use fashion. It is really a good tool and will help you with your search engine optimization.


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