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Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cheap? free?

Yes and no! I am amazed how many good SEO tools are free to use online. Of course getting your web page into a good position in any search engine is going to take time, effort and concentration, all of which are not free. But, if you want your site found, use these free Search Engine Optimization tools:

(First some NOTES)

  • This list is sorted (somewhat) from my SEO Top 20 pages.

  • I have chosen to avoid SEO tools which require an email address from you unless I know for a fact you do not get sp@m or unwanted newsletters.

  • These links open a new window to allow you to check your site but still have this page available later. Still, I recommend you bookmark this page (Ctrl + D) so you can find it quickly.

  • Keyword Research Tool Notes: If your site is new, you probably should not choose the top keywords with thousands of searches. Your chances of getting noticed are small. It is better to choose less-searched keywords, apply those in your site or page, and later, as you get Page Rank and incoming links, modify your keywords.

  • I decided you probably wanted the links and not my notes. If you would prefer more explaination, let me know and I will revise this page.

  • Let me know your favorite SEO tools. Use the Contact page and send me an email.


Keyword research tools

Overture is probably the best known and easiest to use keyword research tool. Type in keywords and see how often they were searched last month

Google AdWords keyword research tool is also excellent and has some clever options

Google Trends is a new, cool tool to see what the world is searching for. Based on a portion of Google web searches, you can see when, where and which language groups search for your key words. Try it!


Keyword Density Checker

Check your Keyword Density here - and while there, use the meta tag generator, link popularity checker and ranking report and various search engine submission forms.


Check your html code

Let Dr. Watson Spell check your site, and analyze HTML syntax, verify regular links, verify image links, generate word counts, compute estimated download speeds, check search engine compatibility and check site link popularity

and of course the official site is: - “Validate Your Markup” as they call it.

Here Doctor HTML gives you a free, five-page analysis of your web page. Once you find the mistakes, you can fix them!


Domain Name Checker

If you are looking for a clever domain name, you can check for availability at or any web host or let brainstorm using your keywords combined with various categories. (They are of course trying to sell the names, but still, a helpful tool.)

Use Acronym Attic: Searching over 3 million acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms (clever acronyms can make good domain names too).


Webhosting company check

Web Hosting Reviews - Before you sign up, check independent Hosting Reviews.


What’s your rank?

Check to see your page position in Google, Yahoo and MSN for any keywords. (you will need an email address to get your API key but I have never had any sp@m from them).

Find your current rankings, page information, Link Popularity Trends and Social Listing Trends

Link Popularity Check: Check to see how well you rank in the search engines. You can add some competitor sites too.

Live PageRank calculator: The Live PageRank value may be used as an indicator of what will show when Google updates its PageRank values (once every three months or so).



Meta tag generator - also has a robots.txt generator

Download the free Amaya W3C Editor/Browser to see your site as a search engine sees it (Windows, Mac or Linux). You will soon see if your JavaScripts, Flash, cookies, session IDs, frames, or DHTML are hindering search engine bots. Another free text browser is Lynx for Linux

Download and install the Google toolbar - use the very left button on this to make sure the pagerank button is displayed.


Add a Robots.txt file

Visit to learn how to instruct robots when they visit your site.


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