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Adding AdSense keyword links is a a surprisingly easy way to help you optimize your site (and generate revenue). Here is why:

 Google AdSense is free and easy to use.

Google AdSense offers over 30 advert formats including text and pictures and theme-related (Halloween, etc.).

AdSense text, background, links and border colors can be configured to match your page colors exactly.(Specifics are on my "How to add AdSense" page.)

Three different AdSense formats can be added per page.

AdSense offers video and live website examples, help and forums to make it work best for you.



AdSense will often enhance your site pages since the adverts are related to your content.

The clearer your page content is, the more relevant AdSense becomes.

Example: If your page is about expensive gold watches, expect AdSense ads about expensive gold products. (You can block up to 200 competitors.)
If your page is about time and physics and astronomy and the occasional mention of expensive gold watches, the AdSense ads will not be about expensive gold products very often.

 Local ADS

Google tries to match AdSense advertisers (called AdWords) locally. Visitors in New York will see gold watch-related links in New York. Visitors in London will see gold watch links for London. [This assumes advertisers are creating gold product AdWord advertisements in New York and in London.] By using your browsers “Reload” button you can scroll through the adverts displayed for your location.



AdSense provides statistics which you can “channel”.

Example: If one page you wrote is about expensive gold watches and another is about cheap plastic watches, you can create “gold” and “plastic” channels. Each day you can see how many “gold” pages were viewed (called pageviews) and how many “plastic” pages were viewed. You will also see how many people clicked on the AdSense and how much you earned.

Monthly Revenue

If you have 1000 visitors, clear content and well placed AdSense (upper-middle, unobtrusive), you should earn around US$ 20- per month. 1000 "Expensive Gold watch" ads will generate more money than 1000 "cheap plastic" ads. If you have 1 million visitors per month …

Google pays promptly. Depending where you live Google may offer direct bank deposits. You can specify a minimal payment threshold. Google will hold your payment until earnings reach your desired amount – say $100- and then pay you.


 Additional Notes

AdBlock software (such as in Firefox) hides AdSense ads but does not leave a “hole” where the ads normally display. (Tip: if you are not seeing the AdSense links on this page, turn your AdBlock off for a moment.)

AdSense does not open a new window or tab. Statistics indicate visitors are comfortable using the ‘Back’ button but do not necessarily understand that a new window has been opened (unless specifically warned).

Google also offers AdSense for Search, Firefox with Google Toolbar referrals and AdSense / AdWord referral ads.

Try it here …

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