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  • Create a special email account - many of these links require a valid email account

  • It is probably a good idea to create a special password for these sites too.
  • Create a text file and save the following in it:

    • Your name or alias,

    • A username or login name(sometimes required),

    • Your blog title,

    • a short (two sentences) description,

    • a "Tags" list,

    • the URL of your blog (a href="http://)

    • the URL of your blog feed (often ending in xml)
    (What are Tags? Tags allow people to search for feeds by words that are not in the feed. For instance a feed may be about health, but may not actually contain the word "health". By adding the tag "health", the feed will show up when searching for health.)


Submit your blog and your rss or atom feed to the following services. NOTE: Do not attempt to submit a website (or Googlepages) to these services, they are only for blogs. I personally submitted my blog to all these services so I know that they do exist. I have also created a link directly to the submission form so you don't have to look around their site.

The list is sorted into two sections, the first is where to submit your blog, the second list is where to submit your feed.


  • I will explain on another page what the difference is between submitting blogs, feeds, what feedburner is, how to get your blog service from Yahoo, Google, MSN and other blog-related tips. This page is for those who just want to submit (and thus presumably understand all the jargon). I am just starting to compile these lists as of 31 May, so they will grow.

  • PS: I have a separte page for submitting to Social Bookmarking Sites and a separte Ping page.

  • PPS: Note the important TIPS which moved to the bottom left side. 

  • These links open a new window to allow you to check your site but still have this page available later. Still, I recommend you bookmark (Ctrl + D) this page so you can find it quickly.

Submit Your Blog - they want a reciprocal link, manually edited.
Best of the web - you must have a history of 6 months - $30, $10 or reciprocal link for free - only using smartyvalidate??? - you must specify at least one valid category - just give the url - add your RSS or Atom feed to Blogdigger - Register and then add your blog - simple form - with category - easy - submit multiple blogs - add your feed url - register and follow the instructions -a human-edited blog directory. Find the category and submit there (one cat. only). Either pay $10 or add a reciprocal link on your blog. - simple form - You must display the linkback HTML code on your website - simple form - just add your url and a few details and keywords - they want a good description of your blog - $20, $10 or free with reciprocal link
Eaton Web Portal - choose your category (feedmap) - add your feed url - add your blog name, url, feed and email - email it or leave your "feed of the day" as a comment on their blog. - easy - and the Register Your Blog (top left), fill in the fields and chose your category. - Moreover connects to thousands of online sources handpicked for excellence and trustworthiness. In order to maintain the quality of the directory all submission are evaluated prior to inclusion. - Set your blogging software to ping whenever you post a new entry to your site. - will be reviewed - description can only be 200 characters - see the email instructions they send back when you register - Technorati is the place to be. You need to spend some time here, register, set up profiles and do it right. They will walk you though it and have nice tools you can add to your site. - ( register and follow the email instructions.

Submit your RSS or Atom Feeds

Here you can submit your rss or atom feeds. If you have a feedburner link you should just have to submit that. (Your feedburner feed looks something like '

***** [ Validate your feed before you start - ] - add a category and short description - simple
ASPRss - easy - - find your category first, then submit your feed and submit your blog also. - wait for the validator and you will see your blog title - choose a language and category and optional description - find your category first - choose your category - easy - choose a category - will be reviewed and must be news related - easy - add your title and category and description - easy - add your email address too. - they ask for your email address too - choose a category, add Tags (keywords) and your name and email. - easy - add the url of your rss or atom news feed - give some details and descriptions - easy - add a category and your email address - add the feed and it will validate it - this will check your Digg or other feeds - relatively new, not all categories are there yet - easy - easy - find your category first and then submit. (If you leave your email add. they'll tell you when you are included.)
Technorati (Ping).com - if you don't have a Technorati account (get one!) you can still submit your feed manually (ping them)

NOTE: There are many specialty feeds for categories such as Automotive, Health or Language specific and, and, and. I decided not to list those here.