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When you search in Google, the right-hand column lists 'Sponsored Links'. These are AdWords.

The Flagship Product

AdWords is Google's flagship advertising product, and main source of revenue.

AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and site targeted advertising.

AdWords can get your site visible to searchers within days.

The AdWords system is easy to manage.

Set up an AdWord Advertising Campaign

Before setting up the campaign, use Google's AdWord keyword tester or Overtures Keyword tool (the links come later) to identify some keyphrases related to 'expensive gold watches', which can be targeted in the ads.

Next, set up an account at Google AdWords. At AdWords, you can set up multiple campaigns and multiple ad groups under each campaign. Each ad group targets certain keywords and can have multiple ads which are shown in rotation.

Set your AdWord targets and payment structure

Enter the list of keywords for which your ad will to be shown. Specify the maximum amount which you want to spend per click. This gives you an idea about the average position that you can get for your ad. Experiment! Add more AdWord groups targeting slightly different keyword sets.

Careful of the AdWord Rules

You should remember that the target URL cannot have a pop-up or else your ads will be disapproved. Other 'no-nos' include superlatives like 'Best', use of '@'. '!' etc., grammar error and many such things. You can get the complete editorial guidelines (on the left).

Watch the AdWord Results

Once you begin to see a decent number of clickthroughs, refine your AdWord campaign. Study which ads are performing better by watching the Click Through Rate(CTR). Then create another AdWord ad in the same ad group with only one element changed. This is very important - you should change only one element in the ad or else you will not know which change caused the improvement or worsening of the CTR.

Example: Suppose you decide to change the headline slightly or changed one aspect of the body. Create 2 new ads from one master ad (the previous one), with each having one change. Now you can tabulate specific changes. The AdWord ads will be shown in rotation when someone searches for any phrase in the keyword list for this group.

Be Creative

Work on optimizing the AdWord keyphrase selection. Concentrate on the phrases for which you get a larger number of impressions. Note your display position. In Adwords, your ad display position depends on 2 things: a) your maximum bid and b) the CTR of your ad. If you bid too low, your ad will be displayed at a low position and you can never expect a decent CTR. So you have to bid higher initially to get a high enough position and get a fair change at getting the clickthroughs. If you are doing well enough, you might consider lowering your bid later and still maintain your position.

Has AdWords worked for you?

Now you will have to wait and see the results - how much you are making in income versus what you are paying for your AdWords Campaign. From the volume of AdWord Campaigns today, must people seem happy. Google has several more tips to help you be sucessful.

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