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Why is Hypnosis Useful?

First of all, the brain can't clearly distinguish between a vividly imagined event and a real event.  Numerous studies have shown, for example, that practicing an activity in your mind can have a similar or more beneficial result than physically practicing that activity.  Just ask any world-class athlete mentally rehearsing their next event.

Second, and perhaps more profoundly, we can have a tremendous affect on our everyday feelings and thinking in much the same way.

How So?
Imagine that your mind is similar to an MP3 player with thousands of downloaded songs (In our case they're more like programs or apps.) in storage.  All the songs are connected in numerous intersecting playlists and dictate the way we think and interact with the world.  We've been downloading these songs and building these playlists from our earliest days through to today.

For example, if you were told (perhaps repeatedly) as a child that you were no good at math, then you would download/build that program into your subconscious mind and you would believe that you were no good at math.  Later, as an adult, someone may ask you how to calculate something simple and you might play that same program back as, "Sorry, I'm no good at math."  Your brain doesn't even try the calculation, as it is already convinced that you're no good at math and could never solve the problem.

The fascinating thing about this is that the programs have not only been written and stored in the brain, as they have actually been stored in the cellular structure in our bodies.  The brain literally contains connected pathways, a neural network, which coordinates your feelings and behaviors based on environmental inputs.

Think about the implications for a moment.  You see our genes only determine base characteristics for who we are and what we do; and, it's these images and programs that we create and install in our own minds that so dramatically determine who we are.

We have perhaps hundreds of thousands of programs written into our subconscious minds, and each program will affect how we think and interact with the world in any given situation.

Interestingly, it's quite challenging to modify these programs and playlists without some form of two-way access into the subconscious mind.  After all, this is where the rewriting and re-arranging of programs needs to take place in order to make new neural pathways that better suit our interactions with the world -- and ultimately, our lives.

Hypnosis has the power to reach your subconscious mind, by using that gently focused attention and feeding it new sights, sounds, feelings, and experiences which provide your brain with new programs which are perceived as new real experiences.  New experiences cause new programs to be written and new neural pathways to be built which affect your whole system.  So, these hypnotic experiences or sessions are literally re-wiring your brain to form new neural pathways for your future success.