Services & Specialties

At LifePath Strategies, we're dedicated to helping you identify and accomplish your dreams and goals through a variety of methods and services.  Each individual is unique and often requires a unique approach to the challenges that they face now.  

Did you ever wonder why there's no single "self-help" system that works for everyone?  If there was, then everyone would naturally use that system and become successful or accomplish their desires, right?  However, because "systems" are built for a single purpose -- in a single path -- each one only truly helps a small percentage of people.

At LifePath Strategies, we realize that everyone has their own LifePath.  A path that is highly successful for one person may not be helpful at all for another.  

Everyone needs their own LifePath Strategy.  We're here to help you find that path for yourself, so that you can envision the future life that YOU want... and Become!


  • Assessing your dominant information method:  Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, or Audio/Digital.
  • Assessing communication & personality blend with the DiSC system.
  • Assessing your instinctual working behaviors with the KOLBETM system for identifying your Conantive Quotient (CQ)
  • Personalized Guided/Mindful Meditation for affecting inner conflict and diminishing self-sabotage.
  • Professional coaching to accountably guide you towards your goals and desires.
  • Birthing As Nature IntendedTM training (either group or in private) to help each mother create the ideal birth they envision.


  • Changing unwanted habits.  
  • Diminishing Fears.  Whether it be spiders & snakes,test anxiety, or public speaking, we can guide you to diminishing these fears and freeing your life.
  • Personal, couple, & work-group exploration of communications styles and defusing tensions due to miscommunication.
  • B.A.N.I.TM natural childbirth preparation classes for easier and more comfortable births.
  • Management of negative emotions, such as anger.
  • Guidance & Planning for accomplishing your dreams.
  • Pain mediation.