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10 Steps to Stop Smoking

So you know cigarettes are bad for you and you've tried really hard to quit smoking.   Now what?

Take a deep breath and relax.  I’m not going to start hitting you with endless statistics, or ‘facts’ like ‘Did you know smoking can cause lung cancer?’  You’re not an idiot.  You’re not a child.

For whatever reason, you’ve decided to quit smoking and you’re thinking of using hypnosis.  So what you really need to know is -- why hypnosis, and why should you use this program in particular?

Well, read on to find out how the '10 Steps to Become a Non-Smoker' hypnosis program will stop you smoking in a whole new way that gets around the usual pattern of stop-start-stop-start.

Because you've probably experienced it yourself.  Several weeks down the road to quitting for good, then...

One slip and all that effort wasted

All those good intentions made; cravings resisted; plans laid out and for what?

A few weeks off the cigarettes.

And every time, it seems like it's okay to do it. But why?

Because addiction is very clever, that's why, and it works at an unconscious level.

So however strong your conviction is to start with, addiction waits until you are at a 'low' point, and then strikes.  You know, when you’ve had a fight with your partner or one of ‘those days’ at the office.

And suddenly you find yourself making up the most incredibly creative reasons for why it's okay to have 'just that one'.

So how can you stay stopped?

There is a profound difference between a smoker that has stopped smoking and a non-smoker.  The smoker courageously resists having a cigarette, while the non-smoker couldn't think of anything worse than smoking.  That’s if they give it a thought at all.

You've probably heard those people who quit smoking 10 years ago and still say "Every time I have a beer I still want a cigarette" -- if you’re trying to stop smoking that’s a terrifying thing to hear!  It makes you think that you’ll be stuck with cravings for the rest of your life, and will be constantly thinking about smoking.

But you don’t have to be that person.  They’ve only quit smoking at a conscious level -- meaning they decided to stop, and stopped.  Unconsciously, smoking still calls to them.  So, basically...

If you're going to quit smoking, do the job right

There are a million and one ways to stop smoking.  Nicotine patches, electronic cigarettes, willpower, chewing gum, tablets, lozenges, inhalers and even prescription drugs.  In addition, there are plenty of well-meaning people out there willing to tell you how to stop smoking -- quitting tips are everywhere.

But they all miss one vital component - the unconscious mind.

If you are going to make the effort to free yourself from the terrible effects of smoking, why not do it right?  Use a proper smoking cessation program that will leave you free of the desire to smoke.

The 10 Steps to Become a Non-Smoker Program

'10 Steps to Become a Non-Smoker' addresses every single psychological trick that smoking addiction plays on you and frees you from its grip.  The hypnosis sessions will gently move your mind from its current addicted state to complete freedom from cigarettes.

No longer will you be controlled by the need to smoke.   No more planning your day so you can smoke, no more running outside at work or at parties, no more worrying whether you have enough cigarettes left.

Use hypnosis to quit smoking so you’ll be a real non-smoker afterwards -- someone completely disinterested in cigarettes.

The highly unusual thing about 10 Steps to Become a Non-Smoker

So what's so unique about this program? Well, we tell you to keep smoking

Seriously, this is not a course where you’re encouraged to have a ‘quit day’ marked on your calendar or are urged to cut back, or switch to a brand you like less.  That’s because our course deals with your unconscious mind -- you only quit when you reach the stage where you don't want to smoke any more.

We want the very idea of smoking to start to feel detached from who you are as a person.  So detached, in fact, that even the idea of smoking feels a bit strange (which of course it is when you think about it.)  The program doesn’t try to directly scare you out of smoking.  Why?  Well, quite simply because...

Scare tactics make you smoke more

Of course, you know all the dangers and how nicotine accelerates aging and damages cells.  If fear worked, or just “common sense”, you’d have stopped a long time ago.

We don’t aim to use scare tactics because research from the field of neuropsychology has shown that scaring smokers doesn't help them stop.(1)  In fact, what most smokers do when they’ve been scared is…reach for the cigarettes.  Scary anti-smoking pictures of, for example, diseased lungs have been shown not to deter smoking but stimulate a part of the brain known as the “craving spot.” (1) (2)

That's why we take all the pressure off and allow you to gently come to the stage where smoking seems like the wrong thing to do.  Then you can truly become a non-smoker.

Stop smoking when if feels more natural not to smoke

Many of our ex-smokers are relieved they could keep smoking during their smoking cessation program, so here it is again just in case:

"You continue to smoke while you progress through the program.  You only quit when you don't want to smoke any more."

No cold turkey.  No stopping before you're ready.  It’s more of a tapering off, until finally you stop buying cigarettes and chuck out all the smoking paraphernalia you've accumulated, and become a non-smoker.

So here’s how it works;

  • You schedule a preliminary consultation and buy the Ten Step program
  • Schedule your Stop Smoking hypnosis session 
  • Practice the brief Self-Hypnosis exercises you'll be given daily
  • You read (or perhaps re-read) Scott's 5-part motivational email course as it gets sent to you
  • Attend your Stop Smoking hypnosis session
  • When you find smoking no longer interests you, you stop.

What are the '10 Steps to Become a Non-smoker'?

Step 1 - How You Are Being Brainwashed

1) Start Undoing the Brainwashing

Over the years, smoking has wormed its way into your life so that it almost feels like it is part of you.  This will help you start to separate yourself from the cigarettes and reclaim your thoughts so that they stop serving the smoking, and serve you instead.

Step 2 - The Parasite and the Host

2) The Parasite and the Host

Like any effective parasite, smoking feeds off the host without killing it, for a good long time.  And all the time you are paying with your health, youth and vitality, the parasite's owners are benefiting.  This session will help you turn your resources against the parasite, getting rid of the feeling that you're somehow 'losing' something by quitting smoking.

Step 3 - The Abusive Relationship

3) The Abusive Relationship

Like any long-term abusive relationship, the abused (you) doesn't feel like they are being abused until they can take a step back and see what is really going on.  Hypnosis is highly effective at getting you to change your perspective, and when you are able to see the relationship between yourself and the cigarettes objectively, your feelings about smoking will change radically.

Step 4 - When Smoking Starts to Squeeze

4) When Smoking Starts to Squeeze

There comes a time in every smoker's life that the downsides of smoking start to outweigh the perceived benefits.  A deeper appreciation of this will help you be clear about the deal you have struck.

Step 5 - Breaking the Chains that Bind

5) Breaking the Chains that Bind

After you've been smoking for a while, the addictive process changes your psychology so that you develop beliefs which keep you bound to the cigarettes.  Unconsciously, you believe that you need cigarettes for certain things in your life. This portion will help you undo those beliefs.

Step 6 - Living under a Dictatorship

6) Living under a Dictatorship

Although it may not feel like it, in effect smoking dictates to you all day long.  Or rather, it dictates to your brain, while the rest of your body has to try to survive its side effects.  No-one likes to be dictated too, and this will help increase your motivation to rebel against the cigarettes.

Step 7 - Freedom from Fear

7) Freedom from Fear

Stopping smoking can feel like a leap into the unknown.  Some smokers have described it as 'losing their best friend'.  But by now, you will be much clear on the true nature of the relationship, and this will help you feel energized and excited at the prospect of being free at last.

Step 8 - Living Free

8) Living Free

After years of smoking, being a non-smoker can take some getting used to, due to the habit patterns formed over the years.  Hypnosis helps you to quickly establish new ways of doing things without cigarettes, making being a non-smoker feel natural.

Step 9 - Avoiding Weight Gain

9) Avoiding Weight Gain

Gaining weight is a common fear when giving up smoking.  This session will help you maintain a healthy weight, and adopt new healthy habits that will enhance your health even further.

Step 10 - The Whole Story

10) The Whole Story

A final review to tie everything together and set you on the right path as a non-smoker.  Happy travels!

The first step is yours to take now...

All you need to do to get yourself on the path to a healthier and less stressful future is to make an appointment to discuss the '10 Steps to Become a Non-Smoker'.

Cost of the complete program: $347.00

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