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 When I started this BLOG I didn't realize there were going to be quite so many characters involved. So below is a Who's Who of the characters that take place in the story of my life. Hope this helps!
Check back ~ I'm always updating!
I'll start off with telling you a little about me. I'm twenty-seven (but I prefer to think of it as twenty-six round 2). I am very outdoorsy and I love doing anything athletic. I ride horses and have been doing so since before I learned how to walk. Seriously.
I live in a small town; everybody knows everybody. Sometimes it's nice but other times it can drive you crazy. I mean even if you don't know what your doing, in a small town, someone else always does. But I guess that is also part of the charm.
The past year has seemed like one big move for me! Currently I am living with my best friend Vixen. I prefer living on my own but I have to admit I couldn't ask for a better roommate. Like everything else in life it is an adjustment and one that I am learning to make.
I am also transitioning from the life of a single girl to that of a Marine girlfriend. This is my first attempt at a long distance relationship. Its not always easy and its not always fun but those weekends that we do have together seem to make it all worth while.
Life has many chapters. This is the story of my life.
***Also picture note..... I felt it was time for a new picture. I love the outfit! Love that I could put Horse in the picture with me...... However I am always, ALWAYS smiling. Yet I could not get my girl to smile..... ah well just know I am a happy bubbly person that normally wears a smile at all times.**
Marine is..... you guessed it - in the Marines. And let me go ahead and say he is much cuter than the cartoon character I have created for him
(I mean this really looks nothing like him) but the creation site gives you limited options. Anyway.... Marine is my first relationship in quite a number of years. I'm learning again to start over with someone new. He is a great guy; considerate, thoughtful, caring, and cute - just to name a few.
He is stationed about eight hours away so not only is this my first attempt at a new relationship but also my first attempt at a long distance one. Its been nearly four months (as of October 2009) and so far so good. It takes work and its not always easy but I think its worth it. He is a great guy and I look forward to anything the future may hold.
Marine and I are alot alike in that we love anything outdoors. He also has a horse so it's nice to be dating someone that shares my love of horses and adventure. To sum it up he makes me smile. And he makes me happy. What more can you really ask for?
Vivi is one of my many partners in crime. We became friends in college and our friendship has only grown from there. When I need advice she always listens and really thinks before she responds. I know I can always count on her to tell me the truth even if it's something I don't want to hear. Vivi is fun, out going, hard working, smart, and dependable just to name a few of her amazing qualities. The downside is Vivi lives about an hour and a half away and due to a recent promotion at work she has become "the bitch in charge". This promotion was great for her walet but a killer for her social life. I miss spending weekends with Vivi but I understand what being married to a job can be like. Hopefully she will be able to find a balance at some point or another. 
She is also the only friend who knows about my blog.... If you want to hear more of her side of the story where she dishes about some of our (Mis)Adventures check out her blog.
Blondie could very well be the devil on my shoulder! She is outgoing and just as outspoken! Always there when I need her and always ready to have a good time. I would consider her the bulldog of our group the one always ready to take up for her friends. She is in a relationship with a great guy but Blondie has the tendency when she gets in a relationship to make the guy the center of her world. As a friend I know and accept this, as long as she is happy I'm happy for her. Besides she still needs her girl time, so girls nights are still a regular thing!
Vixen is my best friend as well as my roommate. At times I think she is my personal mood ring. No matter how far apart we are she always seems to know when I need her. She has a sense for always knowing what kinda mood I'm in and can call my bluff better than anyone around! At times we are more like sisters than friends. Our motto always "Be good, or be good at it." No matter what I know she always has my back and weather she agrees with me or not she will always be on my side and stand behind my decisions. Vixen understands that I have to learn life's lessons the hard way sometimes, and when I do she never says 'I told you so' she just hugs me and dries my tears. Friends like her don't come around often and I am so thankful to call her my best friend!  
X and I dated for a little over six years and then tied the knot. X was a great guy with some bad habbits that did not come to light till we were married and living together (we did not live together before we got married). When it became apparent these problems would not go away and that I could not save him I realized I had to save myself. So as hard as it was I knew I had to walk away. Read more about the X factor.
“Watching you walk out of my life does not make me bitter or cynical about love. But rather makes me realize that if I wanted so much to be with the wrong person how beautiful it will be when the right one comes along.”
~ Unknown ~
Giggles gets her name because she is always giggling! We have been friends since middle school and have had many fun times over the years. She is currently in a serious relationship but sometimes we can steal her away for a night out with the girls. Giggles will be getting married Spring 2010 ~ I could not be more happy for!
Conscious got her name because she has been just that my conscious! She is the one that I always ask, "what should I do?" Best friends since fourth grade I would say it's safe to say she has helped me make all my lifes most important decisions. She is the angel on my shoulder that always tries to keep me out of trouble.
 Let's see Babbles and I have been friends since about third grade and formed an everlasting friendship that orginated because of our love for Barbie and playing make-believe. We grew up playing sports together and like all girls Barbie bacame a piece of our past and boys no longer had coodies. In high school we shared laughes, tears and many fun times as we made our journey closer to adulthood. Once out of high school and into college we went our seperate ways, but always keeping in touch. The phone calls dwindled from every other day to about once a month. Due to distance and different schedules we were not as involved in each other's lives yet we always considered each other close friends. I guess our lives came back together when Babbles asked me to be in her wedding and she married and moved back to our small town. She is a great friend who has always been there for me and can always make me laugh even when I just want to cry. I am so lucky to have such a great life long friend!
I met Punk-Rock-Chick not long after she moved to my small town nearly two years ago, we started out as co-workers but quickly became friends. We are very different in certain aspects, but very similar in others. She is fun-loving, kind, and considerate - just to name a few of her many good qualities. After three years she decided to move back to her hometown....... which is close to the beach but a far drive from me. I see many beach trips in my future!
For past descriptions or for past characters who may no longer be listed please visit - Past Characters
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