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To sum it up:
Hello, and welcome all to my so-called version of Sex and the City. That is if Carrie was 25 (now 26), divorced, starting a new job, and had no clue where her life was going. After an 8 year relationship I am once again single and trying to remember the rules of dating. I have always wanted to write and during this time in my life I have decided to take the cards life has handed me and write about them anonymously in hopes of entertaining people with the twists my life is taking.
Buckle up and enjoy the ride ~ here is to a new chapter in life..
My thoughts on the blog
I have really enjoyed writing this blog! Even more so than I thought I would. At first it was an outlet, a sorta of journal for me, made convenient by the fact I could access it anywhere. Then people started reading it...... it made me feel slightly self-conscious ~ was I being entertaining or did I sometimes cross the line to just whining bitching? I mean I want the people reading to enjoy my writing..... but in the rest of my life I always concentrate on what everyone else wants!! So sorry this is my blog. My blog. It's about me. End of story. I will try to be upbeat and entertaining. But if I want to bitch from time to time or throw myself a pity party I will. It's my blog! Ok not to say that I don't value your opinions..... see I apologize all the time as well. *Sheepish grin.*
A little more about me:
  • I have a bachelors degree in Communications (specifically Media Studies) and a minor in English
  • I am an only child
  • I learned how to ride a horse before I learned how to walk.
  • I love music!! Especially a song you can really relate to your life ~ I like everything from classic rock to pop to country to rap to hard rock.
  • My cellphone is with me at all times and I can be a drunk texter (as I'm sure you can tell by some of my antics).
  • I barrel race (if you don't know what this is get a clue).
  • I eat cereal without milk.
  • Dr. Pepper is my weakness ~ can't live without it.
  • I have had 3 major loves in my life.
  • I can't cook ~ I attempt to cook.
  • I am short but I prefer to think of it as funsized.
  • I am always right. Seriously.
  • I can drive a 5 speed ~ and my dream car is a 1969 Shelby GT500KR, I will have one someday! ~ I like to go fast.
  • I did not realize how many friends I actually had till I started this blog and tried to give them all funny nicknames and believe it or not there are some people I hang out with or see almost every weekend that are still not named. I consider these people minor characters and all of them are lumped together for the time being under the term GuyFriend or GirlFriend. Unless it's important to the story or their appearances in my life are more frequent then they will get their own name. Hey I'm just trying to keep it easy for you.
  • I hate it when people are mad at me.
  • I try to make everyone happy! Which usually means I end up plastering on the fake smile cause I'm not happy ~ I'm trying to learn a happy medium ~ you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all the time.
  • I'm to nice. Really I am.
  • I live by the rule "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" ~ this translates to I am nice even to people I don't like and they in turn like to talk about me behind my back. Oh well my hope is that Karma will be a bigger bitch than I ever could be.
  • I working on putting myself first.
  • I apologize for everything! Even if it's not my fault! Why do I do this? I have no idea..... I mean I can run into a chair and say sorry! lol and when I've been drinking.... yeah..... lol I'll apoligize for anything and everything!!
  • I'm gullible. Enough said.
  • I fall for stupid guys. I mean in a room full of good looking guys I will be attracted to the biggest jerk in the room. Happens every time.
  • I rock at beer pong! Vivi and I are champs! Seperate we are ok but together when our forces combine we cannot be beat..... can you tell I talk a lot of crap?
  • I'm very, VERY competitive!
  • When I want something I'm not afraid to go after it (I def have that go-getter personality) ~ well most times. In my personal life I'm this way, in my career I'm not quit as confident.
  • Sometimes I like to just be one of the guys.
  • I love to read (mainly mysteries and chick-lit)
  • I would like to write children's books.


I'm sure there will be more to come! So check back often!!
Or if there's something you'd like to know feel free to shoot me an email: lifeofasinglegirl@gmail.com
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