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Business Meeting coming up!! 

Friday, 20 May 2016, 11 am - 2:00 pm
Ayala Science Library Multimedia Resources Center
19500-19514 Mesa Rd, Irvine, CA 92617, USA

RSVP? Questions? Email Annie Knight -- knight_annie@sac.edu

Parking is $12. Best place to park is the parking structure on Mesa Road behind Bren Events Center. Closest parking for Visitor permits: Lot 16
(The UC Irvine campus honors quarterly and annual faculty/staff permits from other University of California campuses in our unmarked parking spaces for the purpose of short-term visits.)
Interactive map of campus, including locations of parking spaces. 
Floor plan of the first floor of Ayala Science Library 

LILi Post-Meeting Lunch, Irvine Valley College 7 Dec 2012
Photo by Esther Grassian (used with permission)
From left: Tony Lin, Chair (Irvine Valley College), Pauline Manaka (University of California, Irvine), Michael Oppenheim (UCLA), Angela Murrell, Vice-Chair (Scripps Research Institute),
Carol Womack, Secretary (Santa Monica College), Lisa Burgert (University of San Diego), April Cunningham (Saddleback College), Sheila Smyth (University of California, Irvine)

LILi Meeting Attendees CSUDH 10 Aug 2012
LILi Meeting Attendees, CSUDH 10 Aug 2012
Photo by Wei Ma, CSUDH Library (used with permission)
From left: Lisa Burgert (USD), Esther Grassian (Retired), Carol Womack (SMC), Caroline Bordinaro (CSUDH), Judith Samuel (LATTC),
MIchael Oppenheim (UCLA), Simon Lee (UCLA) 
[Not pictured: Tony Lin (Irvine Valley College)]

Passed by ALA Council, 24 Jun 2012

See also below for Carol Womack's (LILi Chair) 2012 letter to Dean Quinlan, USC, 
urging inclusion of an Information Literacy course in the USC library school curriculum

Brief Description

LILi = a group of librarians from various types of California libraries, investigating information literacy definitions, standards and instruction in California, in order to craft effective models of lifelong, sequential information literacy instruction.

Why would you want to use this site?

  • To find links to information literacy/competency, information researching, critical
    thinking sites, lesson plans, and more.
  • To discover how other libraries in California are helping their users learn how to learn.
  • To make use of standards and guidelines relating to information literacy/competency teaching and learning.


What is "information literacy"? Basically, it is the ability to identify, locate, evaluate, and use information effectively and ethically (adapted from American Library Association. Presidential Committee on Information Literacy. Final Report, 1989;  University of California. Academic Council. University Committee on Library. 2003. “Resolution on Information Literacy").

    See also: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Executive Order on ICT (Information and Communications Technologies Literacy S-06-09 (May 28, 2009) and President Barak Obama's Presidential Proclamation: National Information Literacy Awareness Month, October 2009. The California ICT Task Force issued a Report with a number of recommendations in July 2010, entitled: "Digital Literacy Pathways in California."

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