LILi: Lifelong Information Literacy
Updated Jul 7, 2014, 5:10 PM
Information researching & critical thinking site for all age & educational levels, developed by an informal group of librarians from all types of California libraries.
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  • InfoLit-L (AASL)
    "The Information Literacy discussion list - INFOLIT - is a forum for school, academic, and public librarians to exchange ideas on information literacy programs and experiences that demonstrate a collaborative relationship between K-12 and higher education institutions." Subscription required.
  • ILI-L (Information Literacy Instruction Listserv) 
    Formerly the BI-L listserv, hosted on the American Library Association server, and sponsored by the Instruction Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries. Discusses Information Literacy Instruction, Bibliographic Instruction, Library Use Instruction, and Library Orientation. The home page for the list includes archives for both ILI-L and BI-L. Subscription required.