Life Lines

Latest update: V. 2. 110715
Read and follow the "Intial steps", before starting!

LifeLines is a Theme for Tumblr with many customizable enhancements, such as:
  • Google+ and main other Social Networks friendly;
  • Customizable backgrounds graphics, + some pre-packed skins;
  • Enhanced multiple  feeds for:
    • Plain full blog;
    • Searched items;
    • Tagged items;
    • Disqus threads (if enabled);
    • Polldaddy Polls (if enabled)
  • Quick "ImageView" mode;
  • Customizable "Ppl I follow" appearance;
  • Visitors counter,
  • Followers counter,
  • Twitter dynamic real-time widget,
  • LastFM and other custom widgets,
  • and 
  • Sharethis integration,
  • Chat capability,
  • Quick "GoTop" floating arrow, like in dashboard,

 and many more.

V. 110715 Main changes:
  • On demand, Basic Ask/Submit/Archive links in evidence at the top of the right column.

V. 110708 Main changes:
  • Minor bugs fixed.
V. 110706 Main changes:
  • Added "Plus1 Enabled" to available options for sharing a post on Google

  • Enhanced "ShareThis Icon"now showing # of shares

V. 110704 Main changes:
  • Added "GooglePlus FULLUrl" to available Social Networks.

V. 110703 Main changes:
  • Disqus comments excluded from static pages (ask, submit, etc);
  • Sharethis excluded from static pages (ask, submit, etc);

V. 110610 Main changes:
  • "Reblogged from" & "Original post by"  icons added;
  • Minor bugs fixed.
V. 1105227 Main changes:
  • "ImageView" is working again: re-enabled.
V. 1105223 Main changes:
  • Added "TubmlrCloud Url":  TumblrCloud profile, if present
  • Added "PaperLi Url": profile, if present

V. 1105221 Main changes:
  • Added "Show LARGE portrait" option
V. 110518 Main changes:
  • Added "AboutMeTag URL" : full url of tagged "About me" posts (e.g. - or other services)

V. 110516 Main changes:
  • Added "AskViaSubmit" : uses SUBMIT (txt) page instead of default "ASK", thus requesting data in case of Anonymous Visitors.
V. 110511 Main changes:
  • Added "FreeOnlineUsers code" Counter of current visitors, by;
  • Added "text:CommaSepDescription": Alt Descriprion to be used instead of default "info" in meta tag "Description";
  • Added "text:CommaSepKeywords": comma separated keywords  to be used in meta tag "Keywords".
V. 110509 Main changes:
  • Added "Sharethis MultiButtons" option: choose if single or multiple buttons
V. 110507 Main changes:
  • Fixed previous bugs with posts titles and default Tumblr widgets.
  • Added  PollsComments RSS Feed capability.

V. 110505 Main changes:
  • Added  Disqus Comments RSS Feed capability; 

V. 110502 Main changes:
  • Added  , and  capability to easily get specific RSS from the full blog, and filtered/tagged views;
  • Added optional Polls resume widget (field PollsResume WIDGET), e.g. via Google Reader's "Bundles";

V. 110428 Main changes:
  • Removed "ViewImage" function: website not available any longer;
  • Added "Delicious" Network.
V. 110426 Main changes:
  • Added "TrombiBlog" (visitors snapshots): see;
  • Added "XLnk3 BadgeUrl": optional badge e.g. for second blog.
V. 110425 Main changes:
  • Added “DM me via Twitter” in "Message me" section; Added "Bastille theme", embedded "Reblog if poz" box (toggle on-off).
V. 110404 Main changes:
  • Added “Summary”, working as title even for natively title-less posts such as Photo, Audio and Video;
  • Added “ShareThis” services to easily send links via mail, twitter, facebook and many others;
  • Built-in JavaScript “GoTop” button code, redesigned;
  • Customizable appearance of embedded widgets;
  • Customizable appearance of Google chat widget;
  • Customizable appearance of LastFm widget;
  • Added new Social Networks;
  • Other optimizations.
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