How can counselling and psychotherapy help?

Reaching out

You may at present be feeling vulnerable, isolated, angry, frustrated or fearful. You may have been feeling like this for some time or it may have been prompted by a sudden crisis. Whatever your particular circumstances might be, I appreciate that the decision to reach out for help is not an easy one. I am also aware that your individual circumstances are unique to you and require a response that is above all attuned to how you are right now at this time in your life.


I believe that you yourself have the ability to deal with the difficulties in your life. However like all of us you may have reached a place where you are feeling stuck and need some assistance. Difficulties may arise due to old patterns which you may not be even fully aware of. I see my role as working with you to discover how those old patterns may be still operating, and seeing how you might develop new and creative ways of being in the world. There may be other times when you simply need someone to walk alongside you as you come to terms with the inevitable changes and challenges that confront us in life.

Relationship - You are not alone

Central to my therapeutic work is how we relate as one human being to another. I am continually amazed at the profound healing that can happen when one person is truly accepted by another. It is in this context of developing a trusting, open respectful dialogue that a truly “healing relationship” can develop. I am keenly aware that this can take time and it is of the utmost importance that it is you who decide the pace at which we work. There may be periods when holding and support is what you need most and others when you may feel ready to explore new ways of being in the world.

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