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I have been trying to find a website that gives some comprehensive information about our Bangalore, life in it. In the recent times I did come across some of them, however I found most of the information in such sites was obsolete. Several times when I searched for some thing landed me in some foreign site where some traveller has written some thing about it in his travelog.

 If you are a Bangalore lover, ok...well...if you just live in Bangalore or you want to visit Bangalore or you want to 'do anything' with Bangalore..., this is the place you want to consider. My attempt to make this as the first place to look for any thing about Bangalore needs support from all of you. You don't need to be just a visitor here, you can participate, suggest, write, share belong here.

Submit anything... a question, an answer; a review, a critic; a place; an event; a shop, a home; a classified, a catalog; a tip, a suggestion. Anything under the sun but in and around Bangalore (hey...Bangalore is growing your Google Mailbox!).