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When you put your hand in a flowing stream, you touch the last that has gone before and the first of what is still to come."
- Leonardo da Vinci

  • Press Release, Tilburg - THE NETHERLANDS, 5th of February 2014: Opening new HQ - LifeFilta Europe & Presentation of the LifeFilta Foundation & Water 4 All.
  • Press Release, Brussels - BELGIUM, 28th of November 2013: Endorsement from Atlas Copco & 'Water 4 All' Foundations 

  • Press Release, Brussels - BELGIUM, 15th of November 2013LifeFilta is launching its Distribution for M.E. - Dubai
  • Press Release, Brussels - BELGIUM, 13th of November 2013: AIDEX EXPO 2013 
  • Press Release, Brussels - BELGIUM 5th of October 2013New Inline NanoModule (modular type) - R2000
LifeFilta is proud to announce its new 'Inline NanoModule' with 4 filter units (1 filter per person) for Rain Water Harvesting applications.



  • Press Release, Brussels - BELGIUM 30th of September 2013: New Inline NanoModule (modular type) - M2000
LifeFilta is proud to announce its new 'Inline NanoModule' with 4 filter units for House/Home/Domestic applications: Modular System.


  • Press Release, Malaysia 21-23th of February 2013: Expo 2013 International Design Award for Invention/Innovation:
Bronze Medal - 3th price Hydration Back Pack!
LifeFilta is approved for Military Use & Outdoor Equipment - STRIDE Malaysian Techology Center for Military Equipment.
  • Press Release Philippines - Fort Magsaysay, February 2013.
Dear Ladies & Gentlemen.

We have installed our new R2000 system which provides 2000 Liters per day for a Military camp, Special Forces in the Philippines ...


    • CNN Report Press release in New York: Jazz For Peace & Rick DellaRatta to endorse LifeFilta ECO safe Water Purifiers by NanoFiltration @ 2 nano! (0.002µm) ...

    Kenya, Africa – On Saturday, October 29, Internationally acclaimed Jazz Artist and Jazz for Peace founder Rick DellaRatta has agreed to endorse LifeFilta, a breakthrough ECO water purifying product manufactured by the Belgium company SenseSeveri.

    "This product really works, it will save countless lives, and will be a game changer not only here in Africa, but for the water problems we are currently facing all over the world. This product removes up to 99.9999% of Virus and Bacteria including drug resistant types!"


    • LifeFilta introduces the TapFilta/Faucet model* for municipal water - launch in December 2011.
    Besides its specific filtration results in virus, bacteria & other organic organism, LifeFilta also stops divalent (& multivalent) ions responsable for hard water: LifeFilta also operates as a Water Softener ... Water will taste as from its original source: soft, cristal clear, pure drinking water.
    • By November 2011, LifeFilta will introduce another mobile/house hold & home application: the LifeFilta R20 Jerrycan*.
    Both Water Tap & R20 Jerrycan are designed to very high quality standards in very strong & resistant army proof material.
    The Life Span of both products is estimated @ 10 years: minimum every 2 years maintenance with included disinfectant tablets. 
    Maintenance LifeFilta WaterTap @ 25.000L; LifeFilta R20 Jerrycan @ 50.000L.
    * technical specifications, pictures & videos will soon follow in september 2011


    • New Lay out for Jazz For Peace & Rick DellaRatta - 10Th Anniversary United Nations

    • New Belt Camouflage Print & 'CarryBelt' for Survival, Outdoor & Adventure
    • New & Future dealerships:
        • Nigeria
        • Namibi
        • Morocco
        • The Netherlands
        • Togo
        • Brazil
        • Peru
        • Paraguay
        • Bolivia
        • ...


    Nanofiltratie - NanoFiltration - Filtration à nano
    <title>LifeFilta TAPFILTA: Faucet / Tap  system by NANOFILTRATION</title>
    <meta name="description" content="LifeFilta is the first ECOLOGICAL Safe Water Purifier for Personal, Family & Community Use. STOPS of All Virus & Bacteria, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Faeces, Heavy Metals, Toxic Chemical Waste... WITHOUT any Power Source, WITHOUT Chemicals, WITHOUT Cartridges or Spare Parts">