Support - Aid & Relief Foundations - NGO/NPO

When you put your hand in a flowing stream, you touch the last that has gone before and the first of what is still to come."

- Leonardo da Vinci
NGO's & Social Inspired Enterprises can establish a partnership by providing LifeFilta's water purifying products ...
Are YOU or your company, NPO, NGO or your own organization involved in caring for people in need?
  • Safe WATER is the answer for bringing immediate relief AND a systainable solution for long-term operations ... preventing 80% of all diseases!
  • LifeFilta will guarantee you 'Real Life Saving products' by introducing our LifeFilta product range as a promotional Gift or Donation through Safe Water related NGOs.
  • Foundation steering teams of Top rated Multinal Companies & Organisations are funding projects for Safe & Clean Water all over the world.
  • LifeFilta offers also Special Rates, Service & Conditions to Foundations, NGO, Governments ... .

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 special services for NGO/NPO & Governments ...
  • Customer Logo & Text in Quality Permanent UV Resistant Printing


  • Private Labeling, Licensed Producer, Preferred & Exclusive Dealership


  • Special Price Rates, fast deliveries per air and in Standard Silk Screen Printing


  • Secured Shipments by CIF.


  • Also Difficult Local Expeditions can be arranged according to Specifications