Rivers, ponds, lakes & streams - they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as all religions do - they all contain truths.
- Mohammed Ali

" The Jerry can has been our best buy from all the water filters we have been using so far! We have tried many other famous brands of water filters, but the LifeFilta is really too good to be true. This Back Wash is a really good technology for this system and we use it for in our camper. Also very practical for traveling by 4x4/safari & for our holiday lodge. Your inline Nanomodule seems to be a good alternative to our water softening device, looks like we can easily replace it by the M2000 right? It's saved us money, time & money since we have replaced plastic bottled water by filtered water and it is a great protection that gives us a good feeling to have one of these, thanks!"
S. Wijnants- Tongeren, Belgium

" The KWF water filters are in use in Morocco, Fez in the old Medina: we have installed the filters in rural homes to filter rain water. Normally, our water from the mnicipal or city water taps are not potable
The filter is placed on the faucet of the kitchen and our whole family have now acces to safe drinking water from the ordinary tap!
No more plastic waste and we don't have to walk again to get water. Thanks a lot! Hamdulliah. "

" The Bottle and the Straw are perfect suitable for our team of medical specialists to protect against waterborn diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Diahrrea, NORO virus and other pathogens causing death for 7000 people PER DAY!
The Jerry can model is a real lifesaver whenever people suffering from disasters & floods were immediate relief is needed and water is by far the most important first aid. " 
B-BAST Team, Fed. Overheidsdienst - Brussels, BELGIUM

" I have been using the LifeFilta TapFilta for over 2 years and now our drinking water tastes soft and without the taste of chlorine (with is very bad for your health because of the by-products)!
All my family is protected against virus & bacteria and against sudden attacks of contamination. Also a real good alternative for water softening devices thanks to LifeFilta.
We store our drinking water in bottles made from cristal glass and we use a soda making machine to turn the filtered tap water into sprankling water; no more shopping for heavy weight plastic bottled water bottles of 10 kg each and most of all no plastic garbage and no more plastic pollution from this family!  "

" Thank you very much for your presentation of “lifefilta” which is a good and great solution especially in emergency situations."
SOS-Kinderdorpen, SOS-Kinderdorf International

" Thanks to LifeFilta, farmers and their families will have acces to safe drinking water even in rural areas.
People can use again their water from the wells who are often contaminated and not safe to drink because of the waterborn diseases."

" We have performed very detailed testing on the filter systems with mixtures of river & pond water & gasoline & milk; the results with the LifeFilta products are really amazing!"

" This technology might give NIGERIA a secure future specially for all the children & studiants: schools, hospitals, universities ... all should have acces points for drinking water equipped with this nanofiltration technology!"

" We have installed the LifeFilta Straws for rural families in the agriculture sector to provide safe drinking water from rivers.
The installation was in 2012 and for more then a year now, the villagers can benefit of human's basic right n°1: water. "

" We have used these LifeFilta products in South Africa at home & on our trips. It felt real confident to have these nanofilters anywhere we go! R20 & Bottles are very useful for anybody"

" Many Madagascan people still have unsufficient acces to potable water and this will bring a general advantage to whole Madagascar as well as on Health, Education, Social & Water Development & Personal Management." 
Minister Councelor, MADAGASCAR Embassy to EUROPEAN UNION

"The LifeFilta Bottles were very welcome to support our safari trip in Namibia; we didn't get sick and the filters are very good and easy in use ... we can recommend your products to every back-packer, adventurer, hicker, prepper ... to use nanofiltration!"

" Excellent products to support our foundation involved with safe water related causes: all children of Bénin should have acces to potable water in schools, churches, hospitals ... and we will engage ourselves to do this!"
F.T. ENIANLOKO, Sécrétaire Exécutif Foundation MOOV, GROUPE TELECOM ETISALAT - Cotonou, BENIN

" These water filters should be accessable for everyone! Very ecological engineering with sustainable technology. The Belgian Embassy is very pleased using the Lifefilta water filters in Uganda.
H.E. A. HANSSEN, Ambassador of BELGIUM in UGANDA

" Thanks for the M2000 system to replace my old water softener! Bathing and talking a shower feels like heaven because of this soft water, amazing. No more salt and no extra cost as promised. Succes in the future!"

" LifeFilta is a very promising technology for rural areas & for military purposes and we can recommend all your products to every Ministery of Uganda."
Prof. KAMUNTU, Minister of Water, UGANDA

" LifeFilta has been endorsed by the General Director of NGOs in Kenya & will be recommended to all registrated NGO & relief - Aid organizations to secure safe drinking water."
General Director of Registrated NGOs in KENYA. 

" This product has a huge potential in South Africa and SADC, as well as for the Ministeries of Health, Education, Water, Environment, Military Forces .... everybody needs water!"
Dr. B. MOGALE, Minister of Health of SOUTH AFRICA Embassy Brussels to EUROPEAN UNION

" Very impressive technology and engineered in Belgium! LifeFilta is perfect as an extra back-up or reserve on safe drinking water for soldiers on mission and the military forces from NATO."
Commandant Material Manager, Combat Clothing and Individual Equipment - BELGIAN DEFENCE

" A product that would make all lifes worth living anywhere for anyone! Good Luck."

AVM ASIM S., DGAI, Army HQ - Islamabad, PAKISTAN