Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet.
- African Proverb 

Disaster Relief
In any disaster relief operation, the biggest problem faced by aid agencies is the logistics and cost involved to deliver safe drinking water to the victims.  We have seen plane loads of bottled water being transported to the site of the disaster, hundreds of people are hauled up to unload the cargo and finally each family gets a carton of bottled water, which may last a maximum of 3 days.
Compare this with our LifeFilta straw or bottle which can last for a few years.  
With your LifeFilta R20 Jerry can, a family can have clean water for up to 5 - 10 years.  The money and time saved by aid agencies can be diverted to other forms of aid such as food and medical supplies.

Rural Areas
Many villages have no access to clean drinking water. Many still depend on wells, rivers and streams as their source of drinking water. To give water is to give life. Clean water can cut a community’s child mortality rate in half. It gives parents a powerful way to improve the health, hygiene, and the well-being of their children.
The R20 Jerry Can would also be suitable for workers living in remote areas to obtain safe drinking water. The R20 can be filled with water from any source; river, lake, pond or stream and instantly provide clean and safe water. A family of five can use the R20 container for more than 5 years (assuming each person consume 2 liters of water per day). No replacement parts would be required.

School Children
Water not only keeps children healthy, but also helps them perform better. Children should drink water throughout the day, especially after physical activities. Not drinking adequate water can lead to poor concentration and sluggishness. Many schools have inadequate access to clean drinking water. Children normally end up carrying water from home in their already heavy school bags, or end up drinking soft drinks or other artificially sweetened drinks.

Hospitals, Community Centers, Prisons, Public Places, ...
Water is healthy: patients need to be treated with safe drinking water. Sick people should drink water throughout the whole day about 2 - 3 L... 
LifeFilta 'TapFilta' is very suitable for Hospitals & Medical Care: simple attach A LifeFilta TapFilta system for every 25-50 people ...  provides 25-100 L / hour fresh drinking water (see product sheet).


The greatest health risk from drinking water for travelers is associated with microbial contamination. Numerous infectious diseases can be transmitted by drinking contaminated water.
Diarrhea is the most common symptom of waterborne infection, affecting 20–50% of all travelers or about 10 million people per year. In localities where the quality of potable water, sanitation and food hygiene practices are questionable, the numbers of parasites, bacteria and viruses in water and food can be substantial, and numerous infections can occur. In some parts of the world, tap or bottled water may not be safe, even if it is clear.
All that the traveler needs is to carry our LifeFilta bottle. Just fill it with water from any roadside taps or restaurants and you have clean and safe drinking water throughout your journey. Even if you are in a rural area in a third world country, you can have clean drinking water as long as there is a source of water … any river, lake, pond or stream.
Outdoor Adventures

The problem most adventurers face is how to carry water when they go mountain climbing or jungle trekking. Water is weight. It is impossible to carry a large quantity of water during these expeditions. Carrying LifeFilta Straws or Bottles will provide drinking water instantly. 

By using the LifeFilta Straw or LifeFilta Bottle, soldiers are ensured of a continuous supply of clean and safe water wherever deployed. This reduces the cost of the logistics of delivering safe water which is a major concern to the military.  Soldiers would no longer be required to carry bottled water or purification tablets, which is environmentally unsound, unsafe and cumbersome over the medium and long term.  
The R20 Container can be used for camps, platoons, divisions and brigades on field maneuvers.  The container can be filled and refilled each day to 20 Liters from the nearby water source. The LifeFilta bottle is manufacturated from HDPE and both filter as housing are in army proofed material, resistant & high quality products, tested in extreme conditions and approuved by the Malaysian, Philippines, ... Armed Forces.
Our Latest product 'LifeFilta BackPack' is a Hydration Pack (2L - 5L Cont.) - Bronze Medaile Innovation & Technology Expo 2013 Malaysia.
We supplie special designed Lightweight filters with High Quality Standards for Military Police, Private Contractors, Aid - Assistants, Soldiers & Special Forces in Field Operations & for Daily Surveillance in the Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Colombia, India, Benin, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa .... 




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