We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.
- Jacques Cousteau
The LifeFilta Foundation has been created to help, educate & learn people abouit the importncy of safe drinking water.

Since potable water is a global problem, our mission is to bring sustainable & ecological water solutions by simple filtration systems & technologies.

Nanofiltration is today's most promising technology to guarantee safe & healthy drinking water.

LifeFilta is our partner to supply the filter system, the LifeFilta FOUNDATION to built 'water' bridges to people in need of potable water by projects & locl parnterships with NGO's, Governments ...


Today, NANOFILTRATION is the most Promising Technology to Provide Safe Drinking Water!
  • We offer a wide range of water filter products designed for a Personal Final-Barier Protection, Family & Friends offering Domestic POE & POU up to Industrial solutions.
  • We provide extra drinking water protection: this filter increases the lifespan of all H2O consuming apparatus at home or office, apartments, hotels...(new building & renovations)!
  • This filter prevents harmful organism & chemicals entering your body by drinking, showering, bathing ... or by hazardous risks, chemical attacks or biological warfare.
  • LifeFilta secures Instant Certified Safe & Low-Mineralized Water with perfect Taste and without the use of Chemicals, no Energy consumption and no more Plastic waste!
LifeFilta is ...
  • Re-usable, Easy Maintainable, Portable & Domestic Water Purifiers to Provide Certified Safe Drinking Water


  • Engineered & designed to be the best Ecological, Sustainaible & Cost Effective Water Purifying Systems produced with Military Grade Materials
  • User Friendly, Affordable, Easy to Carry, Personal - Domestic - Residential - Communities - Compounds - Villages & Cities ... Applications for Everyone & Everywhere ... !



  • Water Borne Diseases will drop by 80% within 1 year
  • Plastic Waste will decrease worldwide ... LifeFilta is Re-Usable!
  • Medical Care cost will drop with 80% within 1 year by preventing Water Borne Diseases
  • Carbon Emissions/Footprint will drop: no need to boil water by using charcoal, wood or power source...
  • Transport cost will drop: LifeFilta is Self-Cleanable & with any replacement parts ...

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