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Fashion 50s

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    During the 1950s, teenagers were the driving force behind the fashion in the 50s.Up until that time, clothing trends had largely been set by fashion houses that catered to the adult market and the dress style of young people had simply followed adult fashions. As cinema, television and rock 'n' roll swept the world, the youth market clambered to copy the 'style of the stars'. Teenage fashion quickly developed into a huge industry in its own right. During this period, teenagers also had increased buying power. Newly-affluent parents could now afford to give their teenagers generous pocket money, much of which was spent on acquiring the latest fashions.

    On the other hand, women in the 50's dressed with style and eloquence. Women wanted to give the impression to others that their good grooming and tailored looks were prized.  Behavior and looks in every inch of a lady is virtually taught since from the cradle. Women mostly wore dresses that showed their hour glass figure and a girdle was necessary with all dresses. There were many different styles and designs of dresses for women to wear. Many  "screen goddesses" like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly influenced the fashion and style of clothing women choose to wear. Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly influenced women to have tin waistline, full skirts, and busts. Some popular fashions were the "Peter Pan" that soften the neckline (was a fixture in the 50s), slim pencil-line skirts, stiletto-heeled shoes, and shoes were bought in a variety of colors to match any outfit.
    Men were also very elegant in style and fashion. However, for teenage boys,  fashion was influenced by movie stars, such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. Even elvis Presley influenced teenage boys. on the other hand, adult men had a completely different view in clothing and style. Men's fashion was largely quiet and conservative, which somewhat widened the generation gap between older men and the daringly dressed younger generation. Mature menswear in the 1950s mostly featured plain fabrics in dark, muted shades like blue, brown and grey.

Children and adults had very different values and views of fashion. However, many were influenced by movie stars and actresses, who gave ideas to marketeers and set the fashion trend in the 50s. 

The 1950s was a transition from conservatism, restraint, and formality of the 1940s, to a freer, looser, more informal style. Throughout the decade it became much more acceptable for males to dress 'for show' and both sexes became much more fashion conscious. In addition, the fashion in the 50s are returning to the modern time, to the present time of today. 

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