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About this site:
This site is more of a repository for the resources I use or refer to on other sites. I'm afraid what you'll find here is more functional than interesting (some may say the same about me). 
For more current and indepth info, on coaching, counseling, MBTI, EQ-i, worship, my spiritual walk or other angles of life (marriage, parenting, church, work, balance) please visit my blog.
About Me:
While blessed by a successful career in Human Resources, Organizational Development and Consulting for nearly two decades, surrounded by people obsessed with their careers, I continue to pursue a life that serves the Lord as my obsession of preference.
As a credentialed Biblical Counselor and Master Christian Life Coach, I strive to integrate Christian principles and ethics into secular workplace practices and provide biblically-based counseling and coaching as a part of my job. As a certified MBTI and EQ-i Practitioner the Lord has opened amazing opportunities for me to reach beyond the workplace to use my skills for His glory.
I'm a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, the Christian Coaching Alliance as well as the Society for Human Resource Management. 
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