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Here are the people behind LCRC:


…is a life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, physician, and psychiatrist. With compassion and competence, he helps people heal from their physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual problems, He also assists people in attaining their fullest human potential and spiritual growth. Randy established the Life Change Recovery Center, a treatment facility for drug dependents and psychiatric patients. He is Director of The Life Transformation Institute and is Co-Founder and Charter President of the Philippine Association of Christian Counselors. He is also a Co-Founder of the Philippine Center for Substance Abuse Management.

With over 20 years of counseling and psychotherapy experience, Randy is distinguished as a propagator of the current Human Potential Movement in the Philippines, an active proponent and pioneer of expressive, experiential and somatic psychotherapies in the Philippines, and the only European-trained Filipino psychotherapist with a Gestalt-Ericksonian-Existential-Transpersonal orientation to psychotherapy. he currently teaches at the U.P. Clinical Psychology Program and at the Asian Theological Seminary and trains counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists in the art of psychotherapy.

His intensive involvement and training with the Human Potential Movement have honed his expertise on body-mind integration, encounter group facilitation, dream analysis, trance facilitation and hypnotic imagery, psychodrama, therapeutic art, somato-emotional touch therapy, bioenergetic movement exercises, creative journaling, somatic psychotherapy, psycho-spiritual inner healing, massage and bodywork therapies, complimentary/alternative medicine, and regressive-cathartic facilitation work.

He originated and co-developed the “life transformation paradigm” to counseling and psychotherapy – a paradigm that not only empowers people to deal with their life struggles, but also moves them towards lives of wholeness, wellness, growth, and healing.

He updates his psychological studies at the Southern California University for Professional Studies and continues to pursue his personal growth journey by attending growth communities here and abroad.


(Excerpt from article entitled “A second crack at life” published in Philippine Daily Inquirer, June 4, 2000.)

“The family sessions are handled by co-therapist Dr. Violeta Bautista, who also heads UP Diliman’s Clinical Psychology Program. A Rockefeller Scholar (Family Therapy Institute, Washington DC), Ford Scholar (Philadelphia Child Guidance Center) and Virginia Commonwealth University scholar (Family Therapy.) Bautista also attended courses at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

‘Drugs are serious business’, she says. Her approach is to enable the family members to share their personal experiences, rather than pointing fingers at one another or finding someone to blame.

Bautista says Filipinos respond very well to therapy. ‘They usually come to me when they are at the end of their rope. They already know they want out and this opens them up to change.’

Also Filipinos today are more open to professional help. ‘Ten years ago they were ashamed to consult a therapist,’ she says. ‘Some people even called it the work of the devil. They thought it would be sufficient to just talk to a priest.’

Today, however, Filipinos no longer adhere to the myth that people who seek help are abnormal. ‘They know it’s healthy to get help when you need it. It’s more sensible to fix something up before it gets broken. it shows responsibility.’