Statues - Breaking the Barriers of Art

An idea extracted from the novel,

"Behind a Cultural Cage"

by Pranav S. Joshi







Art is dynamic. Part of it takes birth continuously, while a part of it dies, naturally, permanently, in the coffin of time.


The art that survives and thrives invents ways to rejuvenates itself and continues to spread its magic generations after generations, or even civilizations after civilizations, turning into icons of inspiration, hope and unity with which the humans are bonded to each other.


Sculptures fall into the categories of such art. What they present goes beyond the words! Statue of Liberty, Statue of Justice, The Thinker, Venus de Milo, Pieta, The Great Sphinx of Giza, Terracotta Warriors, The K'alyaan Totem Pole...the list goes on.


But wait, there's something missing in this list!


In the novel, "Behind a Cultural Cage", Pranav Joshi has talked about one such artistic expression, which if turned into reality, will offer the world what it needs today; icons representing cultural diversity, environment and economy.


Imagine three grand, breath-taking statues of (i) Cultural Diversity, (ii) Environment and (iii) Economy being built in Singapore or in countries that qualify to be in the forefront of these subject matters.


Considering that there are no iconic structures representing any of these fundamental subject matters, the Statues will become global icons, and will guide our future generations and leave a permanent mark on the history. (Now, hmm, is it called national branding?)


Why Statue of Cultural Diversity?

To reinforce the importance of cultural tolerance in today's turbulent world, marred by cultural wars.


Why Statue of Environment?

It will offer a vision to the individuals, organizations and communities who believe in going green. Global warming, pollution, water crisis, environmentally acquired diseases.... Will Statue of Environment move towards a trash bin or a corner of a clean and green corner of the planet? You decide.


Why Statue of Economics?

The economic disasters besiege the well being of human landscape routinely. Sit near the Statue, talk to it, smile or cry at it and slap its photo on every publication that shouts "It's the economy, stupid!"


Now who wants to come forward and work with me? If you have a burning desire to help in building the statues (regardless of whether you are a sculptor, artist, philanthropist, environmentalist, or economist), do come forward, and drop an e-mail to Pranav Joshi at:



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