My Experience as an Ishido

My name is Arline Guerrero and I live in the San Francisco East Bay area.  I’ve been an Ishido since June of 2006.


I first heard about Lifebushido on a forum called (which is work at home  The description of a company that wanted its employees to discover and utilize their unique talents greatly appealed to me. So, I applied and I was one of the very lucky applicants to get hired at that time. I also subscribed to Goalbushido hoping to find more focus in my personal and in my work life and have not been disappointed in this area.


Lifebushido assignments are varied, challenging and interesting to me.  I’m still attempting to discover what my unique talents are, but I am truly enjoying the projects that I’ve been assigned to.  They have provided me with the opportunity to use skills that I have and to develop new ones.  I’ve had the opportunity to brainstorm for marketing ideas for one of the Discovery channels, design flyers and one really unique experience was auditioning and getting picked to do a voice message for a real estate company. Doing goal actions or assignments for Lifebushido has had me working and learning in areas that I’ve always had interest in but never pursued, such as real estate.  One of my assignments entailed researching and learning about REO or Real Estate Owned properties for one of Lifebushido’s clients.  These are properties that lending institutions have reclaimed on foreclosures to resell.  I found this to be a very interesting area of the industry.  Currently, I’ve helped Steve Kantor recruit and interview prospective Sales Callers for Best Agent Business which is the core business of Lifebushido providing Real Estate Assistants to Realtors.  This again is a new and unique experience for me. Also, I’ve assisted with helping newly hired Ishidos through the very distinctive and interesting hiring process. 


Due to current circumstances, I’ve only been able to work a few hours monthly for Lifebushido, but the company has allowed me this very important flexibility, which is another reason I enjoy working for this Lifebushido.  


I’ve been around to see Lifebushido as it is expanding and progressing into a very exceptional company.  I believe that Lifebushido will continue to develop and grow into an important business in the Real Estate industry. In addition, updates from Steve, indicate Lifebushido is participating in other areas such as book writing as well.  In any case, I really hope to be around to see Lifebushido’s continued progress and great success.