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Why Blogs matter

posted Nov 5, 2009, 7:25 AM by robert osborne   [ updated Nov 5, 2009, 8:52 AM ]

Few years back when I started a consulting firm it may heard funny I did not know how to design a site. I had closely worked with good computer people but I am still a non-geek person who I hates complexities. In fact who likes complexities? Yes, one of my friends Mike loves. In his 55 years of age he  is a techy kid. He spends hours in his small room full of wires and monitors, he calls it den. I see his passion for  command line tools, telnet etc and no idea why he is crazy for linux. Anyway I am telling about me, I love blogs. Many of us choose blog instead of traditional web sites. Well blog is a web site too. Even now many users prefer FTP and update their site. And blogs can be as complex as regular site But main difference is not in technology its in simplicity to use. Some may argue on date wise activities rather than randomly changing a static site.

Blog is commonly compared to writing diary to publishing book. Diary is a place of freedom. People can write anything and it does not need to be very perfect, so its faster and relaxing. I did not mean a good author does not enjoy this freedom. But when a book is published authors certainly pass sleepless nights and make it more and more perfect because of investment associated with that. But if he could publish a book in few cents and do it everyday. He may be doing in different way.

Internet and digital technology has changed our life. I am big fan of that because it reduced cost of creating and maintaining contents. Not only blog its every where. In early days only rich people could afford photography, cameras were so expensive and more were celluloid films and printing them out. I remember photographers had to be very careful. Making one bad picture meant wastage of money. Now with a $150 camera loaded with a $10 SD card one can continuously shoot thousands of picture and therefore cost has downed to zero. So whole paradigm changes.

In stead of thinking and planning a lot, and always getting scared of bad output people now jump to take as many pictures as he can take. Then when done they filter good pictures and show best of them to others. When web sites came people had same feeling. They had to buy domain, go to designer to make a nice template and use techy FTP to upload to sites. Online readers were also not ready to accept errors in a site, or even spelling mistakes. Now Blogs and twitters made a big revolution.

You have to just learn how to Login, pick a template, start typing and press publish button -  voila!  There are many many sites that gives that feature. It also opens door for earning right away from your bed with a cheap netbook. Writers love blogging. As  visitors increase fast, he can  earn more. Also it does not need to be very formal. Just sharing whatever someone see around him. Share some idea ( I am doing same in this blog), experience of some conference, picture of hiking or some family event. Say If I wrote wonderful service of a near by Restaurant. If readers trust my word, the restaurant owner will get some business. So its also helping people to find a good service or product. However,  earning trust is most challenging part of blogging. There are many fake bloggers roaming  around who just take money from business and praise them. I heard that men is like dog, it sniffs anything bad fast and get loyal to great thing.

( I am writing this blog from Google site. If you have not tried, can see it. I used blogspot.com once but here embedding picture or document is very easy. If you have Gmail account just click on more at the top and select "sites").

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