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Lieutenant Crab's short stack round up of the band they call The Fratellis...



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A three-piece from the fair city of Glasgow, the Fratellis are a taut, sharp dose of  what Scottish music should be like. Forget the Proclaimers, forget Arab Strap, forget (dare I say it) the ground breaking art rock stylings of Franz Ferdinand. The Fratellis are the future, and they sure sound like it. Barry, Mince and Jon produce some of the most astoundingly fresh guitar driven rock I've heard this year.Their EP "The Fratellis" will feature the oft played track "Creepin Up the Backstairs," a tune deservedly scoring air time on such forward thinking shows as Zane Lowe's on Radio One, and stations similar to XFM. If you are on the look out for a new favourite band and aren't adverse to groups like the Clash (it had to be said, although, frankly, The Fratellis have their own very distinct sound) then latch on to The Fratellis quick smart. They are tomorrow's guitar toting geniuses., the band's official website TheFratellis' MySpace 

So far the Fratellis have been confirmed to play at the following Festivals:

    T in the Park; Wireless; and probably a coupla others.

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