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Jon Eaton, Nick Krill, Thomas Hughes, Jeffrey Hobson, Sam Hughes and Joey Hobson are The Spinto Band. And they come from Delaware, the only other notable export of which isn't, sadly, Tupperware. Of course, if you like music and not plastic then these six lads can give you what you're after: guitars, drums, singing etc but are they really any good? Lieutenant Crab thinks so. 

    Spinto (if I can call them that) have much in their favour -  despite having toured with the Arctic Monkeys and appeared on Jools Holland, "cool" people still like them. So they must be doing something right. An appearance at SXSW this year won't have done any harm. Nor will their prodigious repetoire, among which are future classics "Mountains" and latest single "Direct to Helmet". Their album: "Nice and Nicely Done," released after years of graft and seven self-released efforts - don't say they ain't grafters - ranges in price from £7.99 at Blah to £8.99 at Amazon. These are good deals by any standards. For the quality of music, and the fact that their home state could be mistaken for a packed lunch box it's worth a spin-to. Oh I crack myself up, really I do. The Spinto Band. I'd give more than £7.99 for their album. You can quote me on that. 

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