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Larrikin Love? Isn't that an STD?  



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Alliteration will always score you marks. Especially in English exams. Remember that kids, but also remember that the repetion of a plosive sound, such as 'l', creates a sinuous effect that soothes. When coupled with a word such as "Love," and all of the highly personal connotations it develops, you have yourself a very effective piece of imagery. Of course, you might be of the opinion that that's a load of balls and that you just want to find out about the band, and if the article doesn't get to the point soon someone is going to get sued for false advertising but you'd prefer to settle out of court. But you'd fail English. And English, specifically literature, is something that Larrikin Love care about.                                  


    Let's face it. When a band lists Orwell and Wilde as lyrical influences, you either know that what they sing is going to be poetic genius, or you reckon they're a bunch of over-literate ponces. Thankfully Micko Larkin (Guitar), Alfie Ambrose (Bass), Coz Kerrigan (Drums) and Edward Larrikin (Vocals) are possesed of a certain flair that allows their ramshackle 'Libertines' inspired sound to paint beautiful landscapes. Their music has a faded Romantic notion about it, as if it belongs with the Turners and Constables in grandiose museums. It is definitely argualble that the band fills the 'Albion' remit created by Pete Doherty, dreamy and undeniably English. So if you want to buy into a magical world where the empire is still important, and lads with guitars can produce dirtied oil painted masterpieces to hang on the walls of echoing rooms then Larrikin Love are for you. And for everyone. And you don't need English to enjoy it. Much.

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