40th National Liederfest

A celebration of the art of Lieder performance for singers and accompanists


Henkell Brothers Award

Best performance in the Final

Lana Kains

Robert Salzer Foundation Scholarship Hans & Petra Henkell Award

Best female singer, including non-binary, in the Liederfest Best male singer, including non-binary, in the Liederfest

Sidra Nissen Michael Dimovski

David Allen Memorial Award Camberwell Grammar School Award

Samantha Hargreaves Miriam Whiting-Reilly

Lynette Casey-Brereton Award Brian Hansford Award

Rachael Joyce Michael Dimovski

Merlyn Quaife Award Loris Synan Award

Alla Yarosh Rebecca Gulinello

Songmakers Australia Prize

Best ensemble of voice & piano in the Final

Miriam Whiting-Reilly & Kym Dillon

Jean Brunning Memorial Peoples Choice Award

Decided by audience ballot at the end of the Final

Alla Yarosh

Kaye Allen Memorial Award Ian Field Memorial Award

Most interesting program presented in the Final. Best diction and understanding of the German language in the Final

Alla Yarosh Sidra Nissen

Hedy Holt & Roger Prochazka Memorial Award

Young singer showing great potential in the refined art of Lieder performance.

Isabella Hincksman

Alan McArthur Memorial Award

Best ensemble of voice & piano in the Liederfest

Miriam Whiting-Reilly & Kym Dillon

Dr. Jonathan Clarke Memorial Award

Best performance of a Lied by Franz Liszt or Richard Strauss

Lana Kains

Frank Lasslett Memorial Award

Best performance in the HEATS of a Lied by Spohr, Franz, Cornelius, Loewe, Clara Schumann, Marx,

Reger, Berg, Schönberg or Webern

Rachael Joyce

Joan Arnold & Bettine McCaughan Memorial Encouragement Awards

To a promising young female & male singer not in the Final

Eliza Bennetts O’Connor Nick Sheppard

Margaret Schofield Memorial Accompanist Awards

Best accompanist in the HEATS Best accompanist in the FINAL

Elyane Laussade Kym Dillon

Other accompanists in the FINAL

Zachary Hamilton Russell

Encouragement Award

To a promising young accompanist

Katniss Li

Secondary School Student Section

Coward-Lemke Award

Isabella Hincksman

2nd 3rd

Roselyn Kho Anderson Mokyiu

Best diction and understanding of the German language.

Anderson Mokyiu