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Petaluma Clubhouse and Pool Remodel

Exterior of the clubhouse, below; the main pool above.

This project is a remodeling of a 492-unit PUD in Petaluma built in the 1980's at their clubhouse, main pool and auto entries. It was  truly collaborative. The new owners are New Yorkers, the landscape architects, WHR Consultants and POD Design are from Columbus, Ohio, the architectural designer, James Bartish,  is from Toledo, Ohio, the interior designer, Carol Campbell, is out of Denver. I acted as the local coordinating architect attempting to insert my design sensibilities among this lively group whenever possible. Completed October 2010.

The most use of Cultured Stone of any project I've
worked on - inside and out.

Site design by WHR Landscape Consultants, POD Design and James Bartish.