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The Wolf rank is for boys who have completed

first grade and/or 8 years old.

For the Wolf badge, work begins with

12 achievements involving simple physical and mental skills

covering—for example— knowledge of the U.S. flag,

a Cub Scout's religious duties,

and other age-appropriate educational activities. 

The Progress Toward Ranks emblem acknowledges advancement as Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts complete the achievements.

Like the Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition emblem, it hangs at the right pocket of the uniform shirt. It features a lanyard divided in two: one for Wolf, one for Bear. When a boy completes three achievements, he earns a bead: yellow for Wolf, red for Bear.

When the 12 are completed,

the Wolf badge is presented at a pack meeting.


A newly recognized Wolf or Bear Cub Scout then turns his attention to Arrow Points. Arrow Points develop interests and teach skills, many of which are useful in Boy Scouting. One is awarded for every 10 electives: a Gold Arrow for the first 10, and Silver for every 10 there after. There is no limit to the number of Silver Arrows that can be awarded, but they must be completed before boys move to the next rank's program. Boys can choose from a number of electives; each represents an opportunity for experiential learning. Though designed to broaden horizons, those so designated may be earned multiple times; but when a boy repeats an elective, he should get credit only when his skills have improved over the previous experience. Boys may work on elective projects concurrently with achievements, but cannot receive Arrow Points until they earn the badge for their age or grade level.

Unused parts of achievements that were used for the Wolf or Bear badge may not be counted toward Arrow Points. For example, in Bear Achievement 9, "What's Cooking," four of seven parts listed are required for the achievement. The other three may not be used as electives toward Arrow Points. Since 12 achievements will have been used to earn the Bear badge, electives may be chosen from any of the remaining 12. Once a boy moves to the next rank level, he may not earn Arrow Points from the earlier level.