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Tiger Cub rank is for boys who are in the first grade (or are 7 years old).

After earning Bobcat rank, first-graders or boys at least 7 years old work on the Tiger Cub badge. 15 requirements are divided evenly among five achievements. Each of the five includes a family activity, a den activity, and a den outing called "Go See It."

Once a boy has earned his Tiger Cub badge, he can earn "Tiger Track" beads. These spark interest in new hobbies, activities, or skills. The flat, yellow beads are added to the Immediate Recognition emblem. One is awarded for every 10 electives finished. The elective activities appear in the youth handbook. There is no limit to the number of Tiger Track beads a boy can earn, and he can repeat electives at the discretion of the den leader and adult partner. A boy can work on them at the same time as achievements, but he cannot receive beads until he has earned the Tiger Cub badge.

Before receiving his Bobcat badge,
a Tiger Cub earns the Immediate Recognition emblem.
Then he adds a bead upon completing each of the 15 parts of the achievements.
White beads are for family activities, orange for den activities,
and black for "Go See It" outings.