Any length from ankle

to above your knee

By Lickstone -Made In The USA With My Hands

I use my hands, not a machine to knit a pair of socks exactly to your measurements. Men's, Women's, and Childrens

I got started knitting when I was 9 years old. My first project was a pair of mittens and a scarf. I dropped the mittens at school one day and a few weeks later another girl was wearing them! That should have been my first clue that what I knit would sell. Forty years ago when I started having babies, I'd knit sweaters, booties, blankets, everything. Then my Grandchildren started. My oldest daughter said, "Mom you need to get a life, you knit the baby 9 blankets!"

My Children and Grandchildren have not had many store bought items for Christmas over the years.

This past fall of 2007 I listed my socks on ebay and they sold. Now I've added sweaters, mittens, and

I also sew women's plus size clothing 

     My concept is a different one than you would find any where else. I ask you for your feet measurements for socks. You and I find a pattern that you like, we find yarn that you like and I do the knitting.You pay for the yarn, you pay for the shipping and you pay for the knitting. I do the knitting! Or, You simply order a pair of wool (or any other fiber) socks that I will knit to your foot measurements and forget finding a specific pattern and specific yarn to your liking. I knit wool(or any other fiber) socks that are a plain cuff and plain foot pattern but I use your measurements.Those prices for the plain knit socks are listed below! 



Here's one of my satisfied customers from Canada:

Hi Suzanne,
The socks arrived yesterday, they are of course wonderful. They got here in time
for the unbelievable cold, -35 yesterday and that's before the wind chill. I'll
have a look at the Patons website in a day or two, do you have other yarns to
recommend? The cashmere sounds exquisite.
Thanks for everything,

Let me give you references, Contact me: 


Hand knit custom made socks to fit "your" feet!  Because everyone's feet are a different size and shape! You deserve a pair just knit for one else!


Doesn't matter if it is winter and you need wool socks, or if it is summer and you need a light weight blend. Doesn't matter if you have allergies or doesn't matter if you want a certain color.

I create socks for you or a loved one!

All you do is::

 1. Measure your foot from back of heel to tip of toes. (Sweater - we'll need arm length, neck measurement, back measurements, chest and waist measurements.

2. Together we find the pattern that interests you - casual, dressy, church, outside or inside.

3. Add extra for USA Shipping. For Canadian Shipping regular mail shipping is cheaper.

4. There are lots of yarn colors and tons of different patterns to choose from. Choose from cashmere, wool, angora, lamb's wool, alpaca, cotton. Just about anything you want to put on your back or wear on your feet!

5. Pay to!  

6. Depending on whether it's socks or sweaters, it doesn't take me long at all to knit what you want.

  Contact me and we'll get started creating something for you and in your size. It won't be something that you see on the clothes rack in the store.

Contact me      My ebay store is voluptuousapparelandthread you can find a lot of interesting items that I have for sale on ebay. And my socks are sold on along with my sweaters, hand knit coats and more.