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What You Can Do This Summer for Licensure

Your legislators are in their home districts, let your voice be heard. Request a meeting, and write a letter asking for support. This site has sample letters, talking points and much more information to help you with contacting your legislators. If you need help please email any licensure committee member. If you want to be involved but don't have a lot of time to dedicate, perhaps consider joining a sub-committee where you can assist as much or little as you wish and be involved in achieving licensure. To get involved e-mail the licensure co-chairs using the emails to the left in the navigation bar or any committee member.

Latest Update from The Licensure Committee

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

Japanese Proverb

Licensure Update

I would like to take this opportunity to provide everyone with an update on Licensure for Recreation Therapists in NYS. Over the past nine months the Licensure Committee has been busy with our continued efforts at Licensure.  The following are some highlights thus far:

Late Summer 2013:

                A meeting was held in Albany NY with a representative from the Higher Education Committee, NCTRC, and several disciplines that had an interest in our bill. This meeting proved to be beneficial as it provided us the opportunity to answer questions regarding our bill, as it was written, gave us insight into  concerns other disciplines had regarding our pursuit of licensure, address misconceptions about Recreation Therapy practice, and ended with recommendations that would assist us  moving forward.

November 2013:

We met with our bill writer, Chris Bresnan from Assemblyman Zembrowski’s office (D-Rockland County, NY). Assemblyman Zembrowski  is the co-sponsor of our bill. During this meeting it was suggested that we reformat our bill so that it mirrors other NYS Licensure Bills such as OT/PT/LCAT.  Doing so would provide consistency of language which would minimize confusion going forward. Several committee members met to accomplish this.

January 2014:

                Our second meeting with Assemblyman Zembrowski and Chris Bresnan resulted in the review and completion of a new draft of our reformatted bill.  This process is near completion and the new bill will be introduced shortly with new bill numbers. Stay tuned for updates regarding this.

March 2014:

                A new direction… Every 6 weeks the Licensure Committees meets for an evening conference call. During one call it was suggested that our tasks moving forward be divided into subcommittees. The goal was to streamline our focus which resulted in the development of four subcommittees. They include Public Relations, Finance, Conferences and Political Action. Each subcommittee is chaired by a member of the licensure committee. Once that was accomplished, we sought to define the tasks that each subcommittee could focus on. For example: public relations could focus on being a liaison with our professional organizations, the finance committee could focus on fundraising, etc.    At this year’s NYSTRA conference, we took this idea to the membership and asked for subcommittee supporters. Their role is to support our efforts by helping out in some small way, (writing letters, making phone calls, assisting at conferences, etc.) For those that signed up…we Thank You!

 If you have an hour or more to assist in one of these committees, please feel free to contact Vincent Bonadies at vbonadies@optonline.net or Marybeth Pozzuto at mpozzuto08@gmail.com

April 2014:

                The 19th annual NYSTRA conference brought together Debbie Robinson, ATRA President-Elect, Bob Reily, NCTRC Executive Director, and Vincent Bonadies, NYS Licensure Chair to provide an exclusive session dedicated to TR/RT Licensure.  The presentation provided the audience with perspectives on licensure from NCTRC, ATRA/NCTRC Joint Task Force and New York State. We appreciate all the questions that were brought forth at this meeting and look forward to keeping everyone informed as we move forward.


Marybeth Pozzuto, CTRS

Co-chair, NYS TR Licensure Committee

Letters to NY Senate and Assembly

If you click on the documents tab you will find letters in which you can just download, add your personal information and mail. It's as easy as that. 

Licensure Bill Numbers

NY State Senator Lanza has sponsored our bill. The bill number in the senate is S2141. 

Rep. Zeowski sponsored our bill.The bill number for the assembly is A 05303.

To read the bills use the links under navigation on the left of this site, for the senate and assembly. Once on their sites in their task bar click to search for bills.


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Take Action

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Recreation Therapy & MDS 3.0

Great insight into Recreation Therapy as a discipline that can exist with OT!!!


Videos about Recreation

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Responses To Our Letters

Dear Ms. Wexler:

Thank you for contacting me with this very important issue. While this legislation has not yet been addressed in the Assembly, please know that I support this issue. We are currently not in session and I am awaiting the speaker of the Assembly to call us back to session. At that time I look forward to working towards the agenda that we share.

Thank you for contacting me as it is a privilege to represent forward thinking people as yourself.

Joseph S. Saladino
Member of Assembly

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