Welcome to the site of the Licensing Review Committee for the Town of Brookline, Massachusetts. This site is intended as a space for the Committee and any subcommittees to post information and resources that may be helpful to their work as they undertake a review of the licensing policies and procedures of the Board of Selectmen. 
See all the way below for links to general information such as meeting dates and legal and other materials of general applicability (across licensing areas). 
See the sidebar to the left for links to pages containing information specific to the various licensing areas (e.g., state statutes, state regulations, Town by-laws, Town opinions and memoranda, Town forms, and sample regulations and procedures from other municipalities). 
Note that this site does not contain information within the purview of Town Departments that advise the Selectmen in connection with their licensing responsibilities (e.g., the Health Department, Building Department, and Planning Department, as appropriate), such as the state health code, the state building code, and the Town's Zoning By-Law.
 Please remember that this page is to share information and resources, and not to deliberate outside of a public meeting.
If a question or concern arises, please contact Tracey Michienzi, Staff Support to the Committee and Paralegal with Town Counsel's Office, at 617-730-2190, tmichienzi@brooklinema.gov.  Committee members wishing to post materials should contact Ms. Michienzi.