This site has been created to serve as a way to view and compare clauses in several prominent model license agreements or licensing guidelines used by libraries to license electronic resources. This site should not be used to substitute for or serve as legal advice.

The left-bar navigation lists the main sections you commonly see or need to include in your licenses. They also correspond to the main sections in model license agreements. Click on a section heading or sub-heading to compare the wording found in different model licenses, to assist you as you review licenses or as you develop standard language for these sections according to your institution's preferences.

Please send suggestions, concerns, and questions to Liane Taylor, ltaylor at txstate dot edu.

A license guidelines template is available for download to aid in the development of licensing guidelines/preferred language for your institution.

Last Updated: 4/9/2014, Liane Taylor (Continuing Resources Librarian, Texas State University)

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  • NOTE THAT MANY TERMS ARE INCLUDED UNDER AUTHORIZED USES.  Some (not all) have been pulled out and repeated within sub-sections under Authorized Uses.
  • Abbreviations have been used to indicate the model license - see Model Licenses Included below for the abbreviation key.
  • If any institution whose license agreement is included within has any concerns at any time about the inclusion of their agreement, please contact Liane Taylor (ltaylor at txstate dot edu) IMMEDIATELY. Concerns will be addressed and/or license removed.
  • The sample language given is meant to aid in the development of language for your institution and should not be used without undergoing careful review and consideration.
  • The authors of the model license agreements may have included contextual/instructional notes within their documents to help shed light on appropriate/intended use. These notes have been included when possible, but may not be complete. Please consult the original documents for these notes.
  • The language included within may not be from the latest versions of the model licenses. Please consult the list below to see which version of the model license has been used.
Model Licenses Included:
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Jun 6, 2013, 9:49 PM