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Here is what people have been saying about Team G's project
[As Phase II continues, this page will be updated]
(Of course, some of these people are from Team G)

ALA News: Meet the 2011 Emerging Leaders

8bitlibrary: Emerging Leaders present best practices for videogame collection development

The Pumped Librarian: Library videogame collections - Leveling up

The Librarian Kate: And on June 24th, I will hath emerged...

Abby the Librarian: Got a videogame collection?

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More reasons to check out the poster:

"The greatest thing to hit libraries since the DDC!"
--Melvile Dewey

"I'll probably create a sixth law based on this project alone." --Ranganathan

"It's hard to be both beautiful and totally smart. I think I'll give Team G honorary PhDs just because they're them." --University Dean

"I hate it." --The Annoyed Librarian**

**There is a possibility these quotes are not entirely accurate.