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Continuing on with Phase II of Team G's research:

  Erik Bobilin
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01101011."Swears he once beat Contra without using the 30-man code."01101011. 01101011.01000010.01101111.01100010.01101001.01101100.01101001.01101110.01101011. 01000101.01110010.01101001.01101011."Scorpio."01000010.01101111.01100010.01101001.
"Sometimes contributes to a blog about living with hypochondriasis."
 Nicole Pagowsky
Nicole Pagowsky is an Instructional Services Librarian at the University of Arizona, formerly a community college librarian in Dallas, TX. She could probably see to Mars with those glasses of hers, but in 2009 she got her MLIS rather than a degree in astronomy. Nicole is the creator of Librarian Wardrobe, volunteers and is an admin with Radical Reference, and has become interested in socially responsible selection of videogames in libraries through this project. Find her on Twitter @pumpedlibrarian.