Team G, ALA Emerging Leaders 2011
Phase II Team members:

Erik Bobilin | Nicole Pagowsky

Erik Bobilin and Nicole Pagowsky are 2/5 from Team G of the 2011 ALA Emerging Leaders. After the project commenced, which entailed developing best practices for collection development of videogames in libraries, Erik and Nicole were interested in continuing the research in a "Phase II" to develop selection criteria, examine more in depth what makes a good game, and continue working on establishing a more robust MARC record. Considering selection criteria and good games, Phase II will also explore critical theory in videogames (a burgeoning area) to look at socially responsible selection and a deeper understanding of what makes a videogame valuable to a library.

Read our article, Serving players through selection, in American Libraries Magazine.

A very basic survey was used during the Emerging Leaders project to determine libraries with videogame collections so our group could better research best practices by what libraries with collections were currently engaged in. We also hope to revise this survey and make it more comprehensive and directly useful to libraries that currently have or hope to have videogame collections.

Erik and Nicole, along with JP Porcaro (one of our 2011 EL Project Mentors and current Chair of GameRT) and Jenny Levine (our 2011 EL ALA Staff Liaison) have submitted a 2012 ALA Emerging Leaders project proposal for the next cohort. If it gets accepted and obtains enough votes, we are hoping to work with a new team on selection criteria and developing an award -- more information on this forthcoming.
Update: Our proposal was approved and has been voted on, so a new group of Emerging Leaders will be continuing this work (Team H)! JP, Erik, and I are project mentors and Jenny is our staff liaison. We have an excellent group with a variety of backgrounds and interests, so this is going to be a great year!

Our 2011 Team G research is available online. This web copy of our poster includes a bibliography and further resources.

**If you're wondering what the heck is going on with our navigation menu page names, it's actually a reference to the extra lives code in Konami videogames (like Contra).