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Would You Survive?

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You have just read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, and you know all about how Brian Robeson survived in the Canadian wilderness alone, with nothing but a hatchet.  Now Brian would like your help.  As a result, you are joining forces with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to create survival kits that are small enough to fit on any airplane, and will help protect others in the future.  These survival kits must meet stringent size, 18in. x 12in. x 6in., and weight requirements, 50lbs., because of the limited space in the small aircraft that operate in wilderness settings.  The U.S. and Canadian governments have long wanted to make these bush planes safer.  With your help and the creation of these survival kits bush plane travel will become much safer.


Your task is to create a survival kit that will help others who may become stranded in the future.  These kits should be designed to help people make it in the northern wilderness areas of Canada and Alaska.  All of the items in this kit must fit in a box that is 18in. x 12in. x 6in, and it must altogether weigh less than 50 pounds.  These requirements are so that the kit will fit in all of the small bush planes.

Once you have “created” your survival kit your next job is to choose THREE of the major events in the book and journal the events.  Now that Brian has your great survival kit to help him, how would those events be different?  Rewrite each event as though you are Brian, using the survival kit to assist you.