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The Central Library of C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur was established in 1968. In the beginning it was housed in a hall of University Administrative Building. In 1993 it was shifted to the present library building. The renovation of the building of the central library was started in 2003. Now it has a centrally located magnificent three-storied building with all modern facilities. It is having a seating capacity for about 700 users. It has a collection of over 85,000 books, which consists of books, thesis. and bound volumes of journals. In addition to this, about 130 titles of National and International print journals are being subscribed by the library. It caters to the library and information requirement of more than 6000 users which mainly consist of campus students, faculty, staff of the University as well as research scholars from about 320 affiliated colleges.

Library has it's own computer subnet with most modern Cat-6 network technology. It is connected with the campus LAN using optical fiber network. The library automation is being done using SOUL Software. So far it has completed its database of about 60,000 books, 3000 thesis, which are available online through its web OPAC. It also has Online access facility to about 20,000 full text journals and about 5000 full text books on its University LAN. 

For the optimum utilization of the library collections & online resources, periodic user orientation programs are being organized by the library. The reference desk also provides help to readers.

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