Mission Statement of the Library Commons

The Library Commons will be a space that encourages creativity and discovery, and inspires students and staff to work with information in all formats.  We live and work in a digital environment. Students need and deserve a 21st century education and learning environment.  With this, our learning community will be invited to learn the necessary skills to live, work, and thrive in the 21st century.

Here in the Library Commons, we embrace these four core values: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and CommunityKeeping these four core values in mind, we will continuously strive to meet these five challenges:

  1. School libraries are knowledge centers, not information places.
  2. There will be evidence-based practice here.
  3. We will build partnerships and teams.
  4. We will engage Web 2.0 tools to develop deep inquiry.
  5. We will re-imagine school libraries.

We are social learners. We value social experiences that blend communication and learning.  Authentic understanding and knowledge are constructed through personal experience and reflection. This is why the Library Commons aims to be the hub of inquiry. This is the place where the entire school community can learn, create, teach, and network.


Dr. R. Todd

B. Sinclair