We help our communities to learn, to teach, to grow, and how to succeed and realize their dreams. Our goal is to share these initiatives, communicate all we could be doing with improved support, and encourage our community leaders to support a better future for our state knowing that libraries are a core piece of this transformation. 


 Scheduled for November 1, 2016, the statewide conference on libraries will be an exciting and critical opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of New Mexico libraries and, more importantly, to identify ways libraries can further expand as collaborative partners with educational institutions, cultural organizations, government services and private enterprise.  Data from the assessment will be used to inform a series of conversations, which will gather 100 New Mexico stakeholders including legislators, policy-makers, community leaders, librarians, library supporters/patrons and members of the general public to share in a day-long conference. 

This conference is hosted by the New Mexico State Library and the New Mexico Library Association, and in collaboration with librarians across the state who want to share how libraries can indeed transform New Mexico for a brighter future. 


After soliciting proposals through a competitive RFP process earlier this year, the New Mexico Library Foundation (NMLF) hired Penny Hummel Consulting of Portland, Oregon to conduct a statewide New Mexico Libraries Assessment.  

The goal of the project is to identify the current state of the New Mexico school, public, tribal, academic and special library sectors.  This assessment offers an extraordinary opportunity for New Mexico’s libraries to provide comprehensive input about their current and future needs. Data was gathered in early May via an online survey  widely distributed New Mexico library directors throughout the state, and at several community conversations and focus groups hosting participation by community and library leaders. The assessment includes a review and analysis of existing literature and data about all types of New Mexico libraries.  A report documenting the outcomes of the assessment will be completed this summer and subsequently shared with the public at the New Mexico Library Association Annual Conference in November 2016.