Mission of the Program

To connect librarians with libraries and community organizations in need of skilled volunteers in order to form meaningful volunteer opportunities and to improve awareness of the expertise librarians possess.

from one day a year to any day of the year

"There are real needs that need to be met...how can [American Library Association] match skills and abilities with the challenges that need work..." Maureen Sullivan, ALA President Elect

Why this program, why now?

Libraries Build Communities was proposed as a project for the ALA Emerging Leaders 2011 group in order to transform and expand the annual day of service to an ongoing, national volunteer program that connects librarians and library staff who want to volunteer with libraries and other institutions in need of their skills sets.  This is vitally important in times when many libraries and other organizations providing key services and resources to their communities are lacking funding and staff. In addition, the program provides librarians the opportunity to give back to and expand their patron base while at the same time increasing awareness of the specialized skills and knowledge that librarians possess.



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