Item Selection Tool

Federal depository libraries select the items they want to select from a list of over 8,000 available items.  To expedite this process I created the Item Selection Tool for Colorado Selective LibrariesBut any depository beyond Colorado can also make use of this. Clicking on an item number executes a live search in the Catalog of Government Publications (CGP).

Here is how this project was created.
1. Download item selections and non-selections from the item lister.
2. Import each of these files into a new table in an Access database. Be sure to import item numbers and Y/N fields for each depository.
3. Combine each of the separate Y/N selections for selective depositories into a single table, using the item number as the matchpoint.

4. Output the file for each of the 12 hundreds series using an Access report.

5. A link out to the CGP by item number is formed like this: