About Us


About Library:

Library being the heart of an academic and learning 

centre is located in the II floor and is easily accessible 

from any part of the SIES GST Campus.  The mission  of 

the library is to facilitate the creation of new knowledge 

through the procurement, processing, organization and 

dissemination of knowledge resources and providing 

for value added services to users.

The arrangement of library collection as follows:

 A Computer Engineering (CE)
 B Information Technology (IT)
 C First Year Engineering Books (FE)
 D Electronics & Telecommunication (EXTC)
 F Mechanical Engineering        (ME)                 
 G Biotechnology Engineering (BT)

Library Timings:


 Monday to saturday 08 am to 07 pm
Saturdays (During exam) 
09.30 am to 4.30 pm 

 The library will remain closed on II & IV Saturdays' &  

 Public Holidays


(A) Books:

The Library has adopted "open access system" so users can 

directly go to the racks & pick up the books of their choice. 

The entire library collection has been arranged as per branc

h wise and Decimal Library Classification Scheme. 

(B) Journals

Library has renewed to AICTE mandatory e-journals for the 

year 2017. one can access them throughout the SIES GST

campus, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.