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Quest Clubs offer several achievement badges in the sciences.  Young students may earn any of these badges using the requirements listed on the 
Quest Clubs site (requires membership to access)


They may complete their own textbook for an area of science as explained in the Hearthstone Education Plan


They may complete a GREAT BRAIN PROJECT with the approval of a parent or mentor.   Learn more about the Great Brain Project in Lynn Stoddard's book Educating for Human Greatness and/or his website at:  http://www.efhg.org/.   See steps for a Great Brain Project below.  

Creation Science:  The Hearthstone Education Plan guides students through 7 fundamental science courses associated with the creation using a 3 year rotation.  One semester of study is dedicated to each day of the creation.   Liberty's Hope members seeking to earn the Torch Bearer award should earn a badge in each of the Creation Science courses.

Creation Fundamental Science Courses include:
  • 1st Day of Creation - Light and Physics
  • 2nd Day of Creation - Water and Chemistry
  • 3rd Day of Creation - Geology and Botany
  • 4th Day of Creation - Astronomy
  • 5th Day of Creation - Zoology with Biology
  • 6th Day of Creation - Physiology with Biology 
  • Physics, Chemistry, Geology

As families follow our 3 year rotation through the fundamental creation sciences, their children will have an opportunity to earn a science badge for each level in the creation fundamental science courses.  (Preschool, Level 1, 2, 3, and 4).  

Additional Web Links for Science Resources:

Nature Studies from Milestones Academy: http://www.milestonesacademy.com/Site/wild_days_vid.html

R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey  http://www.pandiapress.com/?page_id=50

Top science websites for kids

Super Science Experiments You can Do at Home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia8CKDIur3s